White Widow Round 2

4 plants using Athena Nutes

Second round 4 plants using Athena Pro line nutes in autopots and coco

White Widow

Day 53 (Week 8)



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Day: 53


Girls are looking good

12 days ago

Day: 48


A week and a half into flower and the girls are looking good. Still drinking 6 gallons every 2 days of nutrient water. I have lowered the nutrients to get the EC from 3.0 down to 2.5 per the autopot guy. Still loving the Athena nutes. System still clean after 48 days.

17 days ago

Day: 40


Started flower 3 days ago girls are looking good.

25 days ago

Day: 35


Girls are still growing strong. Cut out all the undergrowth getting them ready to flower. They are super thick. On another note don’t reuse the root barrier in the autopots. This was the third time with them and they have roots growing out of the bottom of the pots. Plan to flip them this week to 12/12 for flower. I’m gonna give them a couple days more of veg with the grow nutes then will switch them over. Hopefully in 4 weeks they will not lockout like the last ones did. Hopefully these are successful with the Athena nutes.

a month ago

Day: 27

4th week done. Still looking good. I plan to grow one more week before flipping them to flower. I still have one girl that’s still lighter green and not growing as fast. All 4 are getting the same everything in the autopots no clogs trays are all full. I did 10 gals of water this time since 6 gallons is only lasting not even 2 days. They are drinking good.

a month ago

Day: 20

Girls are looking good. Athena nutes are awesome so far. Following their feeding schedule and no adjustments so far. All four feeding from the same tank 3 look perfect and one seems to be lacking behind a little and a little lighter in color but growing. Tank and trays all clean no buildup everything is flowing nice. I’m just ready to see what they are gonna do week 4 of flower since that is were is usually lock out and stall the last couple grows.

a month ago

Day: 12

Topped all 4 plants mid week. There has been a lot of growth this week. These Athena nutes are awesome so far. Good growth no signs of deficiencies and the tank is clean like straight water has been in it.

2 months ago

Day: 6

Looking good so far. The Athena Pro Nutes are definitely a lot cleaner than the advanced. There is no buildup or staining so far after a week.

2 months ago

Day: 1

Round 2. 4 white widows same setup as last except using Athena Pro line and their feeding schedule. Athena was recommended by the autopots company. Hopefully this round will go better than the last.

2 months ago