Purple Punch auto

Winter box grow

X1 auto to go in my bonsai box. Using soil and organic nutrients. Currently under 150W cheap LED light. Got a spider farm 100W LED on order and a proper tent so should have this girl finishing up in much better conditions

Purple punch auto (barneys farm)

Day 96 (Week 14)

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Day: 96


There she is. Chopped and hung whole after a week of no water and 48hrs darkness. Definitely noticed a difference in trichome production since switching lights off. Going to try and long drying out for as long as I can now. Will do first two days at 18C before knocking temps down a touch to around 16C

3 years ago

Day: 86


Still going! Girls had her third flush today and think that might be the last before leaving the pot to dry! I’m away for four days now so will judge whether to water again or not when I’m back. I’m seriously happy with how this ones gone. Best I’ve ever grown for sure!

3 years ago


vukz Looks great! 👌🏻

ndevgrows Cheers guys. Real happy with how this ones coming out, good genetics!

Day: 83

Final half of the pistils are starting to brown and curl now. She’s had her first of 3 flushes today before I’ll leave the pot to go dry and 48hr of darkness before harvest. Really excited to see how this one turns out!

3 years ago


gregg01f Looks great

Day: 79


Not far off now, but she’s definitely got a bit more in the tank. Planning on giving one last big feed before starting water only for its last week or two. I

3 years ago

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet & Sour Chicken Hey nice grow Where did you get your seeds?

Forty Two 🔥🔥🔥


donaldross3221@gmail.com Like the way it is coming along nice job

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Day: 73

Still going strong. Pistils are starting to brown and turn in now. Still not that heavy with trichomes yet so I reckon she’s still got a couple weeks to go before getting the chop

3 years ago

Day: 65

Looking good. Feeding 5ml of biobizz bloom and now adding molasses to every other feed.

3 years ago

Buddychill Is the molasses only for flowering stage?

ndevgrows Yes and I just use them for the last 2-3 weeks before flushing. They feed the beneficial bacteria in the soil, which makes a healthy environment for the roots to draw up as much nutrients as possible!

Day: 59

Thinned out a few small branches and fan leaves from under the canopy today. Could probably do with hitting it a bit harder but I’m worried I’ll shock her

3 years ago


hashcompany Tuck what you can. Looks awesome! Very healthy

Day: 56

Bud growth seems to have slowed down a bit over the last week and leaves are fairly drooped. I think it’s probably the low humidity in my box (40-50%) which I’m struggling to get up to around 60. Even so there’s plenty of pistils showing and the calyx’s having started swelling yet so I’m hoping these will develop into some nice dense buds over the coming weeks

3 years ago


combatmedic81 I don’t think 40-50 % humidity will make them droop like that. How often are you watering ?

infinityGrowerr I would assume a water problem as well Under feeding/ over feeding


sixer8812 She looks thirsty

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Day: 46


Girls doing good. Loads of colas stretching above the canopy now. Buds should start developing real quick now!

3 years ago

Day: 37

We had a little setback earlier in the week where my thermostat broke and left the heater on full blast all night. Ended up causing some heat damage and shock to the girl. Luckily she’s peeking up again now and starting to grow. Looks like she’s just about to go into flower too! Bring it on

3 years ago

Day: 30

Starting to stretch

3 years ago

Day: 24


Little trim and a bend for this girl yesterday. Got to keep her low as possible! New light when in the box yesterday and is giving a much more natural coloured light now, hoping to see the difference in the final product from it

3 years ago

Day: 21

Week 3 and she’s doing good. Had her first light feed the other day of the liquid seaweed and fish mix. Hoping the stretch and flower will start soon as I need to keep this girl small

3 years ago

Day: 15

Little girl didn’t seem to slow growth from her transplant at all. Hopefully those roots will get spreading out now and start to speed things up before flowering starts

3 years ago

Day: 10

Into her final 5l pot with some good quality soil now. Hopefully she’ll have a quick veg and stay nice and small for the box

3 years ago

Day: 7

Doing well so far. Starting to raise up a bit closer to the lights and I have it’s final pot and soil all watered and ready to go later this week

3 years ago

Day: 1

Box back up and running. Lights set 20on 4off. Temp 23 degrees. Using germination box to up humidity for first few days

3 years ago