Auto Run Charlie


Next Auto run. Most are XL strains so going big harvest

Red Gorilla Girl XL, Gelato Cake XL, Runtz and Watermelon Zkittlez

Day 106 (Week 16)


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Day: 106


At day 105 (roughly) Runtz auto got the chop! Beautiful purple colours on most of the leaves and nice orange hairs all the way through the plant. Probably my biggest harvest to date off one plant! Now i just need more auto seeds…

8 months ago


organic_grower Looks real good man! Nice work


piperboy007 Thanks man!

Day: 104

From 2 days ago. Fading with this beautiful purple colour on the leaves! Buds are leaning over with weight and the trichs are sparkling on! Chop is around the corner

8 months ago


organic_grower Looks awesome man! 🔥


piperboy007 Thanks buddy! I got some glam shots of her on my DSLR just gotta transfer them over

Day: 91

The breadwinner of the group; Runtz Auto! Got some branches im almost worried about breaking from the weight. Another couple weeks and shes done!

8 months ago

Day: 73

Been having some pre bad discolouration, leaf curling and yellow/bronze patches on leaves. Hoping to get it past the finish line in the next week and chop it

9 months ago

Day: 21

We got our 5 indoor girls. W.Z was replaced by Blackberry by 420 Fastbuds and a Gelato Cake to replace the dud seed. Topped the healthiest RGG. Blackberry and Gelato Cake need food in 3 weeks, rest on Aug 8th

10 months ago

Day: 16

Some took in the new pots, others seem to be struggling. Tryna feed fish fert to help establish

a year ago

Day: 10

Had most pop except 2 Gelato Cakes so going to try and replace them with a project plant and another Gelato Cake or something

a year ago

Day: 1


a year ago