Blueberry cruffin clone

Spring/summer 2022

Bloom plus xp300 watt light vivosun 4x4 grow tent 7 gallon potting bags

Blueberry cruffin clone

Day 134 (Week 20)


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Day: 134


Cut her done now time to clean her up and hang her out to dry hope I did a good job on this one smell is very strong

7 months ago


shiz It looks good if u get a good dry and cure it right should come out nice and tasty

Family Pharm Fluff

Family Pharm Fluff I smoked too much that first picture trips me out I can’t figure out which way is up lol


gettenhigh420 Yeah she got super big in the tent it was to all sides and the tent was 4’ x 4’

Day: 125


Just water at 6.4-6.5 just about done. Just about a week or two left on her.

8 months ago

Day: 84


Did more lst and she is getting big

9 months ago

Day: 73


Just flipped to 12/12 she is big

9 months ago

Day: 64

Getting close to flower

10 months ago


ig:@eaegifts Magnificent 👏🏾👏🏾

Day: 53

Fox farms grow big 6-4-4 , photosynthesis plus also ph water to 6.4 I have also topped multiple time and also doing LST

10 months ago

the-archaic-revival 111 Pretty!! How do you feel about topping during pre-flower? I have two prematurely flowering and am hoping to be able to top to hopefully create more yields


gettenhigh420 I’m not sure if I would do that personally but if you do let me know how it goes would be interested in knowing what happens

the-archaic-revival 111 I will definitely update you, I’m going to find out either way bc I topped yesterday out of panic lol (it’s my second grow and at this point everything is basically an experiment)

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Day: 44

Using Myco supreme, Foxfarm grow big and photosensitive plus Ph water to 6.4

10 months ago


bonojohnson Looks good 👍

Day: 30

Micro supreme , photosynthesis plus , ph water to 6.4

a year ago