Cookie Punch, Pineapple Cookie, & (Skywalkwer x Forumstomper) x Samsquanch OG

Summer 2022

Maggie Auto Farm’s - Cookie Punch and Pineapple Cookies. Mephisto - (Skywalker x Forumstomper) x Samsquanch OG. ChilLed X6 mini 330W, 2x4x6 tent. Half sunshine mix #4 and half Ocean Forest, Nature’s Living Soil mixed in.


Day 80 (Week 12)


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Day: 80

Girls got the chop yesterday right at lights on. Have them hung up, 60 RH and 74 F, can’t get it cooler than that. The intake and exhaust are still running, there’s one fan blowing on the humidifier

2 years ago


RhysDaShoota This is phenomenal ‼️

SClassCannabis Beautiful nugs


HeritageSecretGarden Looks money 💴

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Day: 73


Pineapple cookies is just about finished, going to give her the chop either today or tomorrow. The other two look like they might have another week

2 years ago

Day: 67

Girls are looking good, getting close to harvest

2 years ago

shelbert008 Appreciate it 🙏

Day: 59

Cookie Punch is finally putting on weight, all 3 girls are looking good. Mephisto freebie is showing the most senescence. It’ll be time to start keeping an eye on the trichomes soon

2 years ago

Day: 52


Mephisto freebie is getting massive, I’m stoked about that one. The cookie punch looks like it might be a little stunted, isn’t putting on weight at the same rate as the others

2 years ago


HeritageSecretGarden Looking good 👍

Day: 50

The girls are putting on weight and overall pretty healthy. The pineapple cookie is looking like it’ll probably be an early finisher

2 years ago

Day: 44


It’s starting to look like a jungle 😅 the (Skywalker x Forumstomper) x Sansquanch OG freebie is really taking over. The Pineapple Cookies is starting to stack, she was also the first to flower and stretch, but it’s definitely the smallest of the bunch. The Cookie Punch in the middle is chugging right along too

2 years ago


HeritageSecretGarden Nice set up, plants look great 👍 and how do you like your chilled led I almost got that brand for my room but went with another brand instead but still curious how you like it it seems to be doing it’s job

shelbert008 Thank you! I’m pretty happy with this grow so far. The light has been amazing so far, the light distribution is pretty even and runs cooler than my other lights


HeritageSecretGarden Nice I went with the FGI light instead more options but I almost bought the chilled LED for the 4x4

Day: 36

They’re all getting big 😅 first time with no LST and they look pretty good.

2 years ago

Day: 29

All the girls hermied 😑 must’ve been the excessive heat when the AC was broke. I’ll finish this run out, plucking the balls. Next time, we try again 😂

2 years ago


ig:@eaegifts Check for light leaks and check your timers. Excessive heat won’t force every plant to herm, if anything excessive heat promotes bad stretch and foxtails 👍🏾👍🏾

shelbert008 Do light leaks affect autos? I didn’t think they did. The only thing I can think of is the heat, otherwise the environment has been pretty stable. Considering they never showed any signs of stress, it really surprised me


ig:@eaegifts Yea light leaks affect autos and inconsistent light. Who’s the breeder?

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Day: 23

Girls have exploded in growth, all 3 are starting flower. They got a top dress of Gaia green, so hopefully no deficiencies in early flower this time lol

2 years ago

Day: 13

So far so good, definitely loving the new light

2 years ago

Day: 8

The AC in the house has been broken for 5 days now, the girls seem to be holding up okay surprisingly. The tent is getting up into the low 90s, but I’m afraid of how this may impact them in the long run

2 years ago


gpurps Hey shepherd, check out my first grow, I made an ac which works pretty good. Not perfect or pretty but helps keep the temps down.

shelbert008 Luckily my AC is working now and the girls don’t look any worse for wear


gpurps Happy to hear it 👍back on track

Day: 5

I love this stage, it’s like they get a new set of leaves everyday 🥲

2 years ago

Day: 4

Girls are in their final pots, new light, super excited to see how it performs

2 years ago


MamaSmokes From day of seed to water like how many actual days is this ? Like counting germination

Day: 0

3 of the 4 sprouted

2 years ago