Hindu Kush First Grow

First Grow - June 2019

First grow attempt, basic set up and supplies to date but will be expanding within budget on lighting. Newbie just learning the ropes!

Hindu Kush

Day 113 (Week 17)

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Day: 113


I’ve been dealing with powdery mildew on the leaves for quite sometime, I trimmed off a bunch of the big fan leaves yesterday so they could breathe a bit better, as well as got a hydrogen peroxide and enzyme combo I sprayed focusing on the leaves, hoping for the best. It helped maybe a little bit but not what I expected, I don’t know if maybe my measurements for dilution were wrong. If it keeps reappearing on the leaves but the stems look generally unaffected, can I be hopeful that my buds will still come out okay? I’m so worried as I’m in the final stretch now.

5 years ago

Day: 92

I love her. So bushy. So powdering where she’s budding. Can’t wait for her to be all done and smokeable. Indica is my fav!

5 years ago

Day: 89


Looking beautiful, thick and dense. Lots of budding locations, can’t wait for her to be finished up.

5 years ago

Destinymxo A couple are already golden on the ends and curling up, does this mean anything? Its only a few

Day: 77

It’s going!

5 years ago

Day: 76

2ml big bud fed this AM. Hopefully it does good, I’ve never given them any nutrients.... lmaaoooo

5 years ago

Day: 74


My Hindu Kush Baby is looking nice and bushy, she’s got LOTS of hairs I’m almost wondering if she’s actually already flowering since she was planted 10ish days earlier... take a look. I took a small clone off of her as well and have it rooting in some water, hopefully it survives! Any yield increasing tips are appreciated.

5 years ago

Day: 64


And she’s a female!! So glad!! Should I top her and get more growth? What do y’all think, were getting closer to the season ending.

5 years ago

Day: 52

We moved, had a lot going on but it’s repotted and thriving even more. Though, I don’t think I see signs of sex which is weird at this point. Including some close ups, maybe you guys can help me out a bit. I still just leave it outside in the daytime and water when needed, every couple days. They smell like weed when I bring them inside or go close to them and it’s so cool! Lol!

5 years ago

Klaus42 Female.

Day: 29

Lil one still chillin. The other is getting bigger but not very quickly? Who knows, all strains are different. My tangy seeds are sprouting so quickly though, I’m surprised this isn’t bigger when I planted it almost 10 days earlier I believe.

5 years ago

Day: 23


They’re so different haha. Should I even continue growing the oil stunted guy? That one true leaf does keep growing but it’s at such a slow rate I don’t even know what it’ll turn out looking like! But the big one seems super happy and is doing really well. They had no problems once I put them back in their pots. If I get time today I’ll transplant them into bigger pots hopefully for more growth

5 years ago

Klaus42 I’d keep the little one just to try to see what happens. If you grow again and it happens again then you’ll know.

Day: 21

THE PLANTS ACCIDENTALLY GOT KNOCKED OVER :’( Immediately I picked them up and reported them so I HOPE they make it. I’m so sad. But they look really nice, they’re been getting way way bigger and I’m excited about it! We’ll see

5 years ago

Day: 19

Came home from work and my other tall guy was just flipped over. His roots are nonexistent so I don’t think he survived the changing of containers. Down to two... maybe one. The main guy seems to be doing pretty well though, and little one has sprouted one little true leaf.

5 years ago

Day: 18


Looking good, not much changing as of yet, still all looking very different. Some new leaves are starting to sprout though

5 years ago

Day: 16

Nothing new to report, they’re growing slow but it’s the first real attempt and I’m not doing anything very special

5 years ago

Klaus42 How they looking about now? Especially the biggest and smallest one!

Day: 14


They seem to be fine, still all growing very differently speed wise. Just taking it slow, if you have any tips let me know!

5 years ago

Day: 11

I transplanted the y’all ones into bigger pots, I probably could have gone even bigger though. What do you guys think, keep them at this size or move them into even bigger pots to thrive? I had a scare and thought the tallest one had died but I think I just have them a lot of sun and not enough water on yesterday’s hot summer day. Will definitely keep an eye on watering more. Woke up this morning and he was back to standing y’all and stable thank god. They’re all growing at such different rates, they could be two different strains by CHANCE so we’ll see how this small one turns out.

5 years ago

Destinymxo The tall ones leaves are pointing down, small ones are up and the tiny leafed one is a little yellow. Any tips?

Klaus42 I always finish mine in 5 gallon buckets that are more deep than wide, I’ve gotten away with 4 gallon buckets but they’ve always seemed to do better in the 5 gallon. You can also try the 5 gallon “smart pots” you can get a 5 pack of 5 gallon pots on amazon for like $10-$13. Helps to not overwater and what not. But they’re lookin good and don’t stress about them growing at different rates, that’s pretty normal. I had to stop myself from overwatering and “watching my plants to death” when I first started so it’s definitely a process!

Day: 10

They’re growing all at different rates! I’ve heard when the leaves start pointing upward that means they might be getting TOO much light, I keep them outside in the direct sun all day and have usually been keeping them under an LED at night. Should I not give them as much light or should I continue letting them grow this way? Any input is helpful! They look pretty healthy though otherwise.

5 years ago

Destinymxo I didn’t see anyone comments on my posts until now!! I will be reading and taking all your helpful info into account, thanks so much y’all!!

Klaus42 Get those things transplanted into deeper pots and cover up almost all but an inch or two of stem.

Destinymxo Thank you @Klaus42, will be doing so today, thanks for your advice!!

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Day: 7

Plants are outside to get as much light as possible, at night they’re under an LED light inside. They’re all at different degrees of growth, not sure what will happen. Keeping them watered, the leaves on the shortest one are still trying to pop out of the seed shell but it won’t come off easy enough for me to pull it. Left them out of light accidentally for too many hours and the middle guys leaves curled up, if anyone has suggestions how to fix please let me know!

5 years ago

Klaus42 Transplant into 5 gallon buckets (with drainage holes) with possibly a fox farms medium (happy frog) and add 30%-40% perlite to help aeration and drainage. But when you plant them, plant them deep and just leave about an inch or so of stem sticking out. Then water and leave them puppies under light to thrive! May have stunted them just a little but nothing they can’t recover from! Just remember not to over water!

Klaus42 The one with the shell on it will be perfectly fine, may not even be stunted, just keep that sheela in that pot to thrive if you want, or go ahead and transplant her just don’t bury her stem anymore.

Gocolts18 Yeah two of them have some serious stretch going on. Your led light is probably too far away. I'd put them in a 6" pot for a couple weeks to prevent over watering.

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Day: 4

One is getting crazy long, but the leaves haven’t sprouted from the seed yet. Wondering if I should give them light yet or still wait for the leaves to fully come out? It’s only been 4 days, it’s just getting so tall and almost bending over. The third little guy seems to be struggling I don’t know if he’ll make it, I’m not sure he’s even grown since like day 2. We’ll see.

5 years ago

Klaus42 The second the seedling breaks ground put it in the light! It’s not long cause it’s growing per-say, it’s long cause it’s stretching to get to some light! Those guys need light and plenty of it, at least 18 hours of light a day.

Day: 3

Two seedlings are now 2 inches tall, third one is a bit slow but I still have hope. Looking good! Also started soaking some new seeds to try so a new grow log may be coming soon.

5 years ago

Day: 2

Two plants have sprouted through the soil, hopefully the third one comes through today and we can start giving them light soon. Within one day they broke through! They must be strong.

5 years ago

Klaus42 Get them under light as soon as they break soil so you don’t have them stretching for light. Stretching will make their stems weak and stunt your plants growth.

Day: 1

Just planted seedlings in 3.5” pots with Miracle Gro potting mix. Keeping soil moist, and storing in basement until plant sprouts

5 years ago