Brisker OG x BBC | Frozen OG (Grow 1)

First Grow

Frozen OG, a cross between Brisker OG and BBC, are seeds from Robinhood genetics, which I will be growing start to finish during this summer.

Frozen OG

Day 57 (Week 9)


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Day: 57

Fixed up

10 days ago

Day: 45


Last plant topped

22 days ago

Day: 40

Power from 10% to 40%

a month ago

Day: 32


Plant check in

22 days ago

Day: 28

Growing well

a month ago

Day: 25

Checked in on the girls, doing fine.

22 days ago

Day: 13

Girls are growing up, Ph lowered to 6.4-6.5, noticed strange spots on the Bruce Banner strain, turns out to be normal for the genetics, keeping an eye on the progress for any problems. Possible problems to look out for: Ph misbalance, sulphur deficiency

2 months ago

Day: 8


Plants doing great

2 months ago

Day: 6


2 months ago

Day: 0


22 days ago