August 23


Mimosa Orange Auto

Day 82 (Week 12)


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Day: 82

Today getting a chop

7 months ago

Rasta Man

Rasta Man She is a beauty all the way!! I’m visiting Barney’s farm soon lol🔥💪🏽

kap This is my second grow and apart from genetics in my opinion use of mycorrhizal did play a big part, I’ll post next week after drying with yield numbers

Rasta Man

Rasta Man Im curious 💯

Day: 78

2 days till chop

8 months ago

Rasta Man

Rasta Man 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽

Day: 76


Waiting for amber

8 months ago

Rasta Man

Rasta Man Stacked and frosty 🥶 beautiful

HitachiOrange Nice that

Day: 72

Not yet

8 months ago

Mr GreenThumb🌲

Mr GreenThumb🌲 is it from barney’s farm?

kap 👍

Day: 70


8 months ago


Nyçrølyñiuis Looks terrible enough to attract black widow spiders

LeChron James

LeChron James You’re such a jackass.

Day: 69



8 months ago

Day: 68

Getting colour

8 months ago

Day: 66


8 months ago

HitachiOrange Where are the seeds from plz they look like real good genetics

kap Barney’s Farm

Day: 64

Speeding up

8 months ago


Nyçrølyñiuis 👽 your destiny

Day: 63

3L of water per day

8 months ago

TheSocialGrower Damn she’s thirsty! Looking real good

Day: 60

Thirsty 3L today

8 months ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz Looking great 👍

kap Thanks

Day: 58

Very nice

8 months ago

Day: 56

3 weeks till harvest

8 months ago

Day: 55

Starting to stretch

8 months ago

Day: 52

Now waiting

8 months ago

archieball521 Did you do LST before you did the net or did you just throw the net up?

kap Low then High stress, then a net and more HST,

kap HST = Supper cropping

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Day: 50

All set

8 months ago

Day: 43

Super cropping

9 months ago

Day: 32


9 months ago

Day: 29

1l feed

9 months ago

Day: 27

Removed 2 fan leaves

9 months ago

Day: 26


9 months ago

Day: 24


9 months ago

Day: 22

Moving support

9 months ago

Day: 19

Training starts

9 months ago

Day: 17


10 months ago

kap Medium - Canna Terra Professional Roots - Xtreme Mycorrhizal Nutrition- Dutch Pro A+B soil Hard Water

Day: 15

Soon repotting

10 months ago

Day: 10


10 months ago

Day: 6


10 months ago

Day: 3

Moving outside for a day

10 months ago

Day: 2

Seedling start

10 months ago