Ayahuasca Purple

From Seed 2019

From seed, starting two ladies to see what all the hubbub is about. Growing in a home made stealth box.

Red River Delta x Master Kush

Day 47 (Week 7)

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Day: 47

Just taking off on me now

5 years ago

Day: 42

This is day #22 since transplanting over to coco and introducing Innovating Plant Product’s 3 part HOG feeding to the ladies. What do you guys think ? #2 has been the slower of the two but is really starting to come in

5 years ago

Day: 34

They’re really taking to the coco.

5 years ago

Day: 32

Coco and juice. Coco and juice. I wasn’t sure about growing outside of soil but so far it’s been fairly straight forward.

5 years ago

Day: 31

#1 in the foreground and #2 tucked into the back

5 years ago

Day: 27

Into 3g coco mix now. Thinking about trimming the bottom but maybe just letting nature do its thing isn’t a bad idea.

5 years ago

Day: 26

Easy does it

5 years ago

Day: 23

Into 3g pots they went.

5 years ago

Day: 17

Slowly coming along

5 years ago

genghis_quan That top one will probably start exploding in the next week. Mine was that size a few days ago and now it’s starting to really beef up

Yugras Yeah, I noticed that. When do you plan on moving them into bigger pots? I was thinking maybe this weekend

genghis_quan I just transplanted them a week or so ago from those root riot cubes (1.5 by 1.5 by 2.5 inches or so) into a 5 x 5 x 6 pot (ends up to about a half gallon in volume) . I will keep them in these for at least a month or until they are 18 or so inches (tent is only 4 feet tall) , then, if I can’t sex them then (all bag seeds), I will flip into flower until I see my ladies and immediately transplant into 5 L smart pots if I have 2-3. And if I have one I’m gonna go like 8 L or as big as I can for my space. If one of my becomes a monster ahead of the rest I have a 5 l smart pot I will use for emergency

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Day: 15


Still doing their own thing. I think they’re okay with this COB light.

5 years ago

genghis_quan Looking great

Yugras Thanks!

Day: 10


5 years ago

genghis_quan Chuggin along!

Day: 7

Welcome to the party !!

5 years ago

Day: 5

and then there was two!

5 years ago

Day: 4

Peekaboo We will call #1 the left and #2 the right.

5 years ago

DCThrowaway Nice. She pooped strong!

DCThrowaway Popped* not pooped lol.

Yugras Hahaha!!! 6 of 1 & 1/2 dozen of the other. I’m excited about these two

Day: 1


Barney’s Farm

5 years ago