Chemdawg Feminized - 2nd Grow

Indoor - Fall 2018

-Light: Viparspectra 300w (Veg) -Tent: 80x80x160 (cm) -Soil Mix: Promix soils-Perlite-Vermiculite (50-40-10) -Nutrients: Elite: A-B-C-D & Root Igniter Grotek: Monster Bloom Advanced Nutrients: Candy Bud Rhizoflora: Terpinator

Chemdawg from Humboldt Seed

Day 103 (Week 15)

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Day: 103

-Bloom day 58 -Flush 12gal of water / pH : 6.5

5 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Looks good mate, how many more days you going?

Redd.XMASK At least 2 weeks bro . Smell great !!

GINGE-NINJ Looks good bro What watt led are you using? Good luck man

Day: 99

-Bloom day 54 -Feeding Elite/Terpinator/BudCandy 3L / pH : 6.0 / 1210ppm

5 years ago

Day: 84


-Bloom day 39 -Feeding Elite/Terpinator/MonsterBloom/BudCandy 3L / pH : 6 / 1530ppm

5 years ago

Niko How is the bud candy working for u? I’m using big bud instead!

Redd.XMASK Bud Candy make buds smell more better and help resin rise more a little bit, Big Bud is a P-K Booster so it helps buds grow bigger at first-half of flowering phase , in this case , i’m using Monster Bloom 0-50-30 to replace Big Bud.

Day: 77

-Bloom day 32 -Feeding Elite/Terpinator/MonsterBloom/BudCandy 3L / pH : 5.8 / 1350ppm

5 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Shooting out loads of pistils, looking great!

Redd.XMASK Tks bro . Although I cannot control the temperature and humidity but luckily the weather helps it.

Day: 70


-Bloom day 25 -Feeding Elite A-B-D/Terpinator/MonsterBloom/BudCandy 1.5L / pH : 5.8 / 1190ppm

5 years ago

Day: 67

-Bloom day 22 -Watering 3L / pH : 6.2

5 years ago

Mikeytree Where did u get that trellis?

Redd.XMASK At home , but seem it didn’t help anything lol 🤣

Day: 65


-Bloom day 20 -What can I say now? She grows better than ever , and this is just 2nd times I grow. But temperature and humidity here aren’t good for density buds, so I just do all the bests for trichrome production.

5 years ago

Day: 62

-Bloom day 17 -Feeding Elite A-B-C/Terpinator/Monster Bloom/Bud Candy -1.5L / pH : 5.9 / 978ppm -Tall : 46cm

5 years ago

Day: 59


-Bloom day 14 -Watering 3l / pH : 6.5 -Finished the stretching phase , now she gonna be real beautiful flowers , they’re also waking up the smell.

5 years ago

LOV|LED Now the fun starts, that chemdawg is going to be some funky stuff. I'm curious to see how comes out.

Redd.XMASK Hopefully , nothing go wrong in next weeks

Day: 56

-Bloom day 11 -No watering, nothing gone wrong, maybe it’ll take a little bit more times for first flowers, but soon, now she is 35cm tall.

5 years ago

Day: 54

-Bloom day 9 -Feeding Elite/Terpinator/BudCandy 1.5l / pH : 6.3 / 835ppm -She look happy , so I left her grow through the stretching time , maybe 7 days more to see first blossoms ❤️

5 years ago

Day: 51

-Bloom day 6 -Watering 1.5l / pH : 6.3 / 98ppm -Use Lollipop technique to cut-off all leaves under the net -At this time , I think I can’t use SCROG technique for this plants because the light is not strong enough to grow fully buds in 2x2 tent, I decide to grow 4 mainlines per plants , I think growing this way will help my buds more dense and thicker with low-watt LED i’m using. 4 big buds are better than lots of tiny popcorn right ? 😋😋😋

5 years ago

Day: 50

Today is day 5 of bloom phase, no watering, just leave she grow ‘cause soils still moist, temp/humid are in acceptable rage at 27 degree Celcius / 65% humidity. Because I have no air conditioner, no dehumidifier (actually that stuffs will be update at next grow season) so I can’t change the temperature and humidity too much. 😒

6 years ago

Day: 48

Seem she grow more bigger at day 3 bloom , let see what she got at next week

6 years ago

Day: 46

Today I switch the lights to 12/12 , I set up a net too , and also feed her more nutrients Elite A-B-C-E/Terpinator/BudCandy 1.5l / pH : 6.3 / 890ppm

6 years ago

Day: 42

No watering today , tent get more heat so i set up 1 more fan to leave the hot air away , more 2 week and it gonna be ready for bloom

6 years ago

LOV|LED Looking good. Are you going to top it again?

LOV|LED I was thinking about doing some chemdog, what breeder is yours from?

Redd.XMASK I’ll leave her growing natural , until she get through the net i’ll flip to 12/12

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Day: 39

The soils seem dry enough for feeding nutrients. This week is Elite/Terpinator 1.5l / pH : 6.4 / 412ppm

6 years ago

Day: 38

Still no watering of feeding today , i’ll wait for soil completely dry

6 years ago

Day: 35

Complete LST and topping time , now i leave her growing natural , next week she’ll grow bigger , till she got 25-30cm i’ll set up a net for SCROG technique. Btw I don’t feed her today , ‘cause soils still moist , I’ll wait till it gets more dry after 1-2 day.

6 years ago


psychEDM Lookin good!

Day: 32

Topped 2nd times at day 29. Soils still moist so I don’t need to watering. I’ll waiting to feeding day.

6 years ago


psychEDM Nice and healthy looking. Following along.

Day: 28

Do LST Technique Feeding Elite A-B-C-E 1.5l / pH : 6.6 / 500ppm

6 years ago

Day: 26

Watering with water 1.5l / pH : 6.6 / 99ppm

6 years ago

Day: 24


6 years ago

Austin316 Great start.

Day: 21

Feeding Elite A-B-C-E 1.5l pH : 6.8 / 443 ppm

6 years ago

Day: 18

Transplant to 10 gallon airpot Watering pure water 1000ml pH : 6.4 / 98ppm

6 years ago

Day: 14

Start feeding Elite A-B-C-E 250ml pH : 6.8 / 323 ppm

6 years ago

Tompip23 Is that in coco or soil I got 2 blue dream started slow

Redd.XMASK That is soil , i mixed compost-perlite-vermiculite (50:40:10)

Day: 11

Watering with pure water 100ml pH : 6.5 / 100ppm

6 years ago

Day: 7

Watering with pure water 50ml pH : 6.6 / 101ppm

6 years ago

Day: 4

Watering with pure water 50ml pH : 6.2 / 102ppm

6 years ago

Day: 1

Watering with pure water 50ml pH : 7 / 100ppm

6 years ago

Papabear What’s the parts per million you’re tracking represent?

Papabear Never mind I figured it out.