Old organic grow


Old grow I did not document well. Bud was some of the best I’d ever smoked. I wanted to post it here since I always get bored of documenting it halfway through the grow. All organic. I think I used the cheap gravity Blumats…. Wait maybe that was my secret… the blumats……….

Mephisto Sour Stomper

Day 201 (Week 29)

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Day: 201

Def let it go too long. I was looking for 40% amber trichomes w my little wifi microscope… smoke was still phenomenal somehow. Idk how this thing even survived lmao😭

9 months ago

Day: 180

Forgot how pretty this grow was till I found this pic today…

9 months ago

Day: 150

Day 150… give it up for day 150!! Lol @ Mephisto’s 66 day estimation. So weird that I always hear ppl’s complaints about auto’s being that they flower too early. I’ve had a few that I’ve stressed the shit out of but they don’t flower until they’re mature. Yield was meh (total was fine, but yield per day was terrible) but the smoke was the best I’ve ever had on any bud ever. And I did almost the same thing w genetics from a different breeder. Maybe autos are just inconsistent lmao

9 months ago

TheSocialGrower Come to think of it… I did a shitty job drying and had to throw out a good chunk of the harvest (I wanna say somewhere between a third and a half of the total volume chopped)… so maybe my yield wasn’t actually as abysmal as I remember it…

Day: 90

I was an avid scrogger… chop and drop too. I think I was using mostly local hardware store organic mixes (dr earth 4-4-4 for sure) and liquids (neptunes harvest and a few fox farms).

9 months ago