First Grow ( Blue Dream )

Winter 2019-2020

Auto Fem

Blue Dream

Day 87 (Week 13)

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Day: 87

About 5 days out from harvest!

3 years ago


pakalolo 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Day: 81

About a week and a half out from harvest, baby!! Flushing begins on Monday!

3 years ago


pakalolo Sheesh! Dry that cola out and wrap a paper around that baby and smoke her😂 looks good!

Day: 74

Blue Dream still lookin 🔥 and stinky as hell. Thricomes are still clear but starting to get that milky color🔥

3 years ago


pakalolo Nice! She looks really sticky too.

Day: 69

Blue Dream still looking good. Thricomes are still clear. Waiting for that amber brown color🔥

3 years ago

Day: 66

Blue Dream looking good as ever🔥 Reached her max height.

3 years ago


pakalolo Awesome! I see those sugar leaves starting to develop👍🏼

Day: 59

Blue Dream is back on track and healthy as ever! Getting a nice dong bud!!🔥🔥

3 years ago

Day: 48

Ran into some issues recently. Possible root lock. Flushed both plants. I think they’re back on track. Slowly making progress

3 years ago

Longmountain Sorry you having issues. Next time I would start topping to force more growth. Make sure your soil is right. I grow both organic and nutrients. But taking care of the soil I am finding out is the way to go let the plant do the work.

BeezyBenny I appreciate the feedback, man. The only reason I haven’t done any topping or pruning just yet is because my Tatsu is still pretty young. Barely over a month old, but They’re both in fox farms soil and just started giving them fox farm nutes once a week. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Longmountain Is this an auto flower? Your not supposed to trim autos and you already have a flower why I asked. You don’t use but about 1/4 of fox farm nutrients if it is. You definitely don’t trim. And with your next auto the size of the container will be the factor in flower. When the roots hit the wall of any pot it goes to flower. So your best bet on them is start with at least a 5 or 7 gal. I’m getting ready to start white widow autos soon as I have the room.

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Day: 34

Pistils are getting longer, and main cola is starting to form. She’s getting a stink to her! Planning to move her to personal tent to get ready for 12/12 photoperiod.

3 years ago

Day: 29

After 2 days, BD is finally taller than cloth pot grow medium. Looking very healthy and continues to grow rapidly. Outgrowing the Tatsu plant.

3 years ago

Day: 27

BD is rapidly growing in height. Starting to outgrow its grow medium in height.

3 years ago

Longmountain Looks pretty good? Have you checked to see what the white specs on the leaves are? I have a plant with same issue.

Day: 24

Slightly yellowing leaves on side. Remade balanced 6.5 pH water.

3 years ago

Longmountain Looks good, what soil are you growing in? You trying to go organic? I am going to try it on 1 of mine

BeezyBenny Appreciate it, bro. I’m using FoxFarms soil and Happy Frog. Both really good and highly recommend soils!

Day: 23

Jan 1 2020. Still growing quickly and looking healthy.

3 years ago

Day: 21

Healthy blue dream plant. Day 21

3 years ago

Day: 8

Blue dream seed sprouted very quickly and was transplanted into grow medium, December 16th 2019, beginning with a 18-6 photoperiod.

3 years ago

Day: 1

Began germination phase

3 years ago