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Day 59 (Week 9)

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Day: 59


Finishing up

9 months ago

Day: 57


9 months ago

Day: 55


9 months ago


Budds420! Geez I like the name fam! 🤌🏾 and your work to this beauty matches good work 😎

parasyte420 Ty bro I appreciate it

Day: 52


9 months ago

Day: 46


9 months ago

Day: 44

Nothing new just felt like sharing some pics

9 months ago

Day: 41


Nothing new looking good to me will be feeding in a week or so

9 months ago

Day: 36

Just water

10 months ago

GalacticRetro Have you been doing just water since the beginning or nutrients as well?

parasyte420 This is an organic super soil I made my self so it has enough nutrients to take this auto all the way but I topped dress once with organic 4-8-4(1tbsp per gallon for container) and will be top dressing per month)

parasyte420 I topped dress when it started flowering.

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Day: 30

Nothing really special removed some bottom growth and that’s about it

10 months ago


Matta2377 Do you train them?

parasyte420 Normally but I didn’t with this one


Matta2377 Ok, what strian was it? Yield?

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Day: 28

She’s been in preflower a couple days now.

10 months ago


mass.canna.boss That’s not pre flower that’s probably 5 to 7 days into flower

parasyte420 You’re prolly right it’s an auto so it does when it wants, but only a few days before that it started shooting pistils/stigmas whatever they’re actually called

Day: 23

Looking good added a couple tsp of 4-8-4

10 months ago

Day: 18

Looks good I’m gonna top dress in a few days

10 months ago


mikki1time Incredible bro those are some thicc petioles! Also Just from experience you can’t leave those meters in the dirt because the ends get rusty and it all goes to shit

parasyte420 Ty bro, it doesn’t work, I pull it out and look at how much dirt is sticking to the prongs to get an idea of water content


mikki1time Lol it’s a dirt dip stick! I love it bro, I usually go by the weight of the bags it’s easier to get really accurate with 5-15gal bags or I finger the dirt like a high school date and feel the bottom of the bag

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Day: 13

Looking good done nothing but water so far

10 months ago


DrewBaby456 How often do you water it and is your light cycle 24hrs

parasyte420 12 hrs and I do finger to my elk dryness and water accordingly

Day: 1

Took like a week for this one to pop up after 4 days germinating the tap root still didn’t pop so I just threw in soil have a 2 nd seed that had a tap root but still hasn’t popped from dirt.

a year ago