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Day 45 (Week 7)


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Day: 45

700PPFD 20/4 DLI 50

a year ago


Caliban Looking good. Is that a 5x5?

GShore No mate it’s a 4x4


Caliban Nice. I have a 4x4 too. Yours looks roomier but that’s likely due to pot size? 5G?

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Day: 34

550 PPFD 20/4 DLI 40 1st LST

a year ago

Day: 24

350ppfd x 20 hours… DLI 25…. 22degrees… 60%RH

a year ago

Day: 14

20/4 330ppfd 23.8DLI

a year ago

Day: 10

PPFD 220, 24/0, DLI 19ish, wet towel to increase humidity

a year ago

Day: 9

400ppfd 24 hour light

a year ago

lovelyladybudz Every body has their own way of growing, so don’t let others say only their way is the right way. And of course some strains grow better in different conditions to others. However, 400ppfd is way too much for a seedling. You want to keep your rh between 60-70% and your temps between 23-26 degrees Celsius gotta make sure your DLI is in range for the best plant respiration rates. That might even require changing your light cycle. Or at least that’s my 2 cents anyways

GShore Thanks for your comments I have just put my heater in to try and get a better temperature range as it’s very cold here at the minute and LED isn’t giving off much heat at all! Think I might raise my light to reduce ppfd as I’m running 24/0 at the minute. What DLI would you go for an auto strain seedling? How many weeks are they seedlings until I can move them to a veg status. Thanks for your help.

lovelyladybudz For it being the 9th day in, I would say ideally like 18-20 DLI. Most autoflowers begin vegetative around the late 2-3 week mark (13-16 days from sprout). What size is your tent? Light brand/model?

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Day: 8

The babies

a year ago

Day: 6

Still going

a year ago

Day: 5

25 degree, LED PAR 350, light 20/4

a year ago

Day: 4

Starting to come through - 25 degrees

a year ago

Day: 0


a year ago