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Day 66 (Week 10)

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Day: 66

Switching to flower stage

2 years ago

Day: 58

It’s a Girl! Finalize plant training & will transition to Flower stage in a day or two

2 years ago

Day: 53

Shriveled overnight but watered and quickly recovered

2 years ago

Day: 40

Trimmed new tops off for new cola growth

2 years ago

Day: 36

New top growth

2 years ago

Day: 32

New cola growth

2 years ago

Day: 26


Looking Healthy & ready for plant training

2 years ago

Day: 22

4 Days after Nutrient feed, the leafs are super dark green

2 years ago

Day: 18

Currently under 18/6 light & Hanging 30” and feeding with General Organics nutrients

2 years ago

Day: 13

Transition into grow tent with coco coir and 3 gallon fabric pot

2 years ago

Day: 7

Two rounded cotyledon leaves will grow out from the stem as the plant unfolds from the protective casing of the seed. These initial leaves are responsible for taking in sunlight needed for the plant to become healthy and stable.

3 years ago

Day: 6

Day 6

3 years ago

Day: 4


3 years ago