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Indoor Grow Mars Hydro 4x4 FC 4800 / Sunlight- Coco Coir & perlite medium, Sensi Coco Grow & Bloom, Calmag & Bud Candy 18/6 On/Off, 3G pot Moved to out door grow as I used a contaminated water bottle. Stunted the growth only a few weeks in.

AK47 Auto Flower

Day 133 (Week 19)


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Day: 133

She made it. Done and dusted. Not smoking as grown with the pgr crap

a year ago

Day: 109

Start Week 7

a year ago

Day: 95

Start Week 5

a year ago

Day: 88

Start week 4

a year ago

Day: 82

Still going….

a year ago

Day: 72

Surviving, even after the dog had a chew

a year ago

Day: 66

She actually flowered

a year ago

Day: 56

Hail may of finished her off.

a year ago


Discpimp Damn that’s a bummer

GoldGreenThumb You can still save this plant!


Secman The yield wouldn’t be worth it if it can make a come back, it’s an auto so limited life.

Day: 55

Surviving, but nothing happening.

a year ago

Day: 44

Going to let her crash and burn. Waste of nutes.

a year ago


Secman I used a soda bottle and didn’t clean it properly


adders What’s the main reason you let it go ? New grower and wondering what to keep an eye out for in particular


Secman Used contaminated water and stunted her.

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Day: 39

Very small

a year ago

Day: 31

Moved outside. Done some damage using contaminated water. Just going to see how she goes. Stunted her.

a year ago

Day: 24

Flushed and bouncing back

a year ago

Day: 18

Now brown leaves…

a year ago

newbiegrowing She will dead bro 🤕

newbiegrowing Your soil have problem

Day: 11

Not doing much

a year ago

Day: 1


a year ago