Banana OG 1-3

March 3, 23 Start

Gelato Seeds, started seeds in wet paper towel & darkness, moved when popped

Fem, Banana OG

Day 212 (Week 31)


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Day: 212


big girl has bud rot and bud worms ,caterpillars). Cut and hung to dry to see if anything is salvageable. Sucks.

5 months ago


HokieHigh2011 I got the same issue with my outdoor one. Looks like it was getting close, sorry to see it. Good luck with the salvage!


meowmeowmeow It’s been a rough end of season in my area! Thanks!

LeChron James

LeChron James I hate to see all these outdoor plants rotting away. Never grown outside but surely someone can recommend some strains that stand up to the moisture. I know Annunaki’s Purple Pineapple Express is practically guaranteed against botryitis. Can any outdoor growers recommend some strains that have looked a wet season in the face and come out the other side mold and rot-free?

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Day: 208


Slacked on nutrients towards the end. Harvested when trichromes were slightly turning Amber. Buds small but juicy and flavorful.

5 months ago

bergs Looks nice as⚡️

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Day: 92


The set is doing alright, all performing about the same. Direct fan seems to help. Temps high but controlled and humidity not bad yet. (See cafe racer for more detail) Gave one dose (approx 2/3 teaspoons) of Grow Big fertilizer (6-4-4,fox farms) and Tiger Bloom (2-8-4, fox farms). Plants responded well, maybe a little burn but bounced back. Color looks good. Bending a little here and there.

9 months ago

Day: 63


Looking okay. Color good. Some bug damage while I was away. Getting ready to start lst. Growth somewhat back on track

10 months ago

taopathway Dang that looks solid food job


meowmeowmeow No food yet! Still letting the happy frog/ocean forest do it thing. Just distilled water.

Day: 34


Wheeeww made it past the slow growth/yellowing of leaves. 1-3 in finally homes. Under full spectrum led 18/6, couple hours just blue light here and there. Rotating plants with slight curve towards light. Using {black} light, white light moved to cut stems.

a year ago

Day: 21

Color slowly correcting, good growth finally. Temps in 80s, humidity fluctuates but have humidifier directed towards plants.

a year ago

Day: 12

Just spraying water once a day. 75 degrees and humidity toooooo low!

a year ago

Day: 9

Overwatered/too saturated right after seeds popped. In seed starting mix and started cups. Reduced water. Upped humidity from 30 to 55 with added humidifier. Upped temps from 70 to 79. Using 120 watt light, about 8-12 inches from seedlings. Maybe a little light burn on seed 3, last to pop.

a year ago