OG #18

DNA Genetics Reserve Privada

Hoping to make this my best grow ever

OG 18

Day 27 (Week 4)


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Day: 27

Watering day.

3 hours ago

Day: 25

Watering day. FF week 3

2 days ago

Day: 22

Watering day.

5 days ago

Day: 21

Watering day. FF week 2.

7 days ago

Day: 19

Watering day. Gonna repot tomorrow.

9 days ago


HeritageSecretGarden Great strain prolly one of my top 5 favorites of all time

Day: 19

Repotted and started the training using trellis net. Gonna keep her as low as possible

8 days ago

Day: 16

Watering day. FF week 2. Pleased with how short she is staying.

11 days ago

Day: 14

Watering day.

13 days ago


bossrussell84 How close do you keep your light to get them to do that that low??

cobaincowboy Light is 16 inches away


bossrussell84 For how long? Like how many days?

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Day: 12

Repotted today. Watered with FF week 1

15 days ago

Day: 11

Watering day. She held up well after being alone a few days.

17 days ago

Day: 7

Watering. FF week 1. Overwatered so hopefully she holds up the 3 days I’m gone.

20 days ago

Day: 6

Watering day. Light feed so I can possibly feed again tomorrow before I’m outta town til Sunday.

21 days ago

Day: 3

Gave her a more thorough watering this time as the soil was drying rather quickly. FF week 0

24 days ago

Day: 2

Watering day.

25 days ago

Day: 0

FF seedling feed.

a month ago