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Pineapple Express auto

Day 24 (Week 4)

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Day: 24


Moved to forever pots Lucy did not like this and took a battering from the wind when I left her outside but she seems to be recovering Betty is going brilliant 🙏🙌happy growing

2 years ago

Day: 14

As we move over to week 3 things are looking good🙌the leaf that’s smaller appears to be fine just smaller 🤣happy growing

2 years ago

Day: 12

Nice bit of sun today 🙌☀️Lucy still has a lucky fin but is otherwise fine still can’t work out why🤷‍♀️ Betty is close to being ready for her pot change to her forever pot happy growing 🙌

2 years ago


Linien looks great!!

Day: 11

Everything seems fine Lucy has like a bum leaf on one side🤷‍♀️growth seems slow

2 years ago

Day: 10

Sun has gone so under the light is where they have stayed growing steady 👍

2 years ago

adelle Not sure why one side is like deformed 🤔🤷‍♀️

Day: 8

Another blinding day the girls have been in the sunshine ☀️ growth is going well nutrients arrived and now using. Betty is the stronger one but moving forward anyone got any advice and wtf is topping?

2 years ago


IllusionalDazle YouTube and google have some much information!


Mystrain420-@eaegifts It’s plenty of videos on YouTube about topping a plant but to say it simple it’s cutting off the main growth so the side branches next to it becomes dominant and you now hove 2 tops instead of 1


IllusionalDazle Also don’t over feed plants this young they don’t need to much nutrients or water! Less is better

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Day: 7

We have made it to a week!!! Still looking good even though I’m a total novice I have no tent just a small green house a grow light and the power of love😂and google😂may the next week bring good growing to the s all🙌

2 years ago

marcopolo123 How can you tell when you have a female ?

adelle As I’ve said complete novice so no idea this is auto flower so says it in the name

Day: 5


Another BEAUtiful day!! Took the girls out to their spot in the sunshine ☀️ all seems well this is the furthest I’ve ever got. happy growing 🙌

2 years ago


IllusionalDazle Just give them the right environment and they will grow! 👍🏼

adelle I’m trying😂

Day: 4


What a day the girls have loved the sunshine ☀️ the light came today so they have been moved to their forever spot. The Pineapple Express auto is Betty White and the mystery seed is Lucy. Happy growing🙌

2 years ago

Day: 3

Sprouting day!!! Nice sunny day today gonna get the girls out in the sunshine ☀️

2 years ago

Raga Glitch

Raga Glitch I feel the Anxiousness lol first time growing do make the mistakes we all make by over watering 😂

adelle Ahhh so spray bottle of water yeah

Raga Glitch

Raga Glitch You’ll learn to listen to the plant over your own judgement on how to feed just pay close attention to how she responds to feeding and not feeding

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Day: 3

It’s grown a considerable amount since this morning’s picture 🙌

2 years ago

Day: 2

Germination went well good root forgot to take a picture before planting. These will be moved to bigger pots i’m aware I should of put them in their forever pots but I have to get some today.happy growing😊

2 years ago

ken1992 I put mime in a damp napkin and put it in the dirt. Too me quicker, will sprout on 1-2 days

adelle Cool thanks for the tip👌

ken1992 Np and i mean dark not dirt lol

Day: 1

Germination, I use this method to germinate as it appears the most successful. I have never done this before so any advice is welcome good growing everyone

2 years ago