Bakers Pride

Altitude genetics

One of my buddies specialty autos


Day 48 (Week 7)


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Day: 48

The plant is now focused on building buds. A few burnt tips, few yellow spots, but for the most part, she’s a happy little thing and ready to bust out some fat fruits

a day ago

Day: 43

Stretching out to be one of the biggest autos I’ve grown

7 days ago

Day: 38

Now she’s fucking healthy.

11 days ago

Day: 34

Nodes upon nodes

16 days ago

Day: 29

Gettin ready to preflower strectch

21 days ago

Day: 28

Had to defoliate 4 leaves

22 days ago

Day: 24

Loving the gnodes from LST

a month ago

Day: 22

started LST and added some cedar chips

a month ago

Day: 20

Bustin healthy af

a month ago

Day: 15

She gonna be a big one, vigorously vegging

a month ago

Day: 11

This bakers pride is right on schedule

a month ago

Day: 3


2 months ago

Day: 0

Just emerged

2 months ago


SnowDog_X1 Isn’t that so satisfying? Just a baby but in a few months 👌🏻