White rhino

First attempt 2 white rhino seeds

Soaked seeds for 11/1/19

White rhino

Day 82 (Week 12)

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Day: 82

Getting ready to change light to 12/12 going to hold off until we move to bigger grow area I hope a 5x5 going to work for 2 plants. Plant looks like going better after I added calcium and mag to soil new area should be ready in a week. Hubby building while I go on vacation

3 years ago

Day: 72

I’ve had no more yellowing since I added epson salt and egg shells have had explosion in growth I think we hit super soil line. I’m also weighting branches down with hangers for better spread the will move to bigger grow room next week. Hubby making me a 6x6 area. Also changed light to a 60 watt Sansi foldable grow light. So far girls love the brighter light

3 years ago

Day: 58

Finding some of leaves looking like this

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Looks like spider mite bites

Drkbud At first glance i see cal/mag deficiency? Also I’ve gotten spots like that due to not enough aeration in the soil...clogged roots.

Tonja I got microscope out no crawlys or eggs checked almost everything nothing on stem either

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Day: 51

I repotted second plant and added soil to one that was shorted last week

3 years ago

Day: 41


Moved bigger plant into 7 gallon pot I’m short on soil moved anyway will get more soil this weekend didn’t want it to get root bound

3 years ago

Tonja The smaller one I will move next week after I get more soil used 8 Oz of super soil contract at bottom of planter. Hopping this works better for fertilizer. Worm farm still needs time for castings probably next cycle

Day: 22

We still holding on water only still showing fertilizer burn big one I think going to be ok. Little still has me worried added quartz crystals on to top of soil. Let’s hope healing energy helps

3 years ago

Day: 19

Still worried about smaller one repotted in slightly bigger pots with organic soil nice and ph neutral soil got rid of fertilized soil best I could roots looked healthy white rhinos on right. Bubba cutting on left

3 years ago

Day: 18

Still holding on watered with plain water ph 5.5 yesterday worried about smaller one. Today playing meditation music and added health crystals

3 years ago

Day: 16

Looking a tad better

3 years ago

Dukeshaba It was the nutes you can tell by the burnt leaves

Tonja Should I scrap and start over. I have or had a bubba seed started same day

Dukeshaba Yea I saw that and one of them is dead as well... they can recover it’s early but the yield will be lower

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Day: 13

Ok one looking sad today I think according to comment I may have fertilized too strong or hit roots. Soil not completely dry so I did a heavy plain water mist since I’m leaving for 36 hours. I hope my sad baby pops back. On ph issue tried using alum in water seems like ph finally dropped to 5.5. Leaving bubbler on for 4 hours to see if stays hubby will check tonight for me. If still at 5.5 will use to water next watering. Will be excited to have ph below 8 finally

3 years ago

Dukeshaba See I told ya... you don’t feed babies until like 3 weeks or so unless your a pro. I recommend doing some research. Cannabisgrowguide or my Canuck have great videos for beginners. They probably won’t live if your soil ph is that high. You need it closer to 6-6.5

Dukeshaba Mr canuck

Tonja Hubby said I finally got formula down for ph. I was given a week old plant and seeds before I was ready. So let’s hope it works looking at those grows you said too

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Day: 12

Plants 3 1/2 inches tall topped cups with a little more dirt and added stakes to help balance stalks gave fertilizer 1/2 ounce veg to 1 gallon water. Added 1 tablespoon cider vinegar to water to try and lower ph. Misted leaves and soil have had lights on 24/0. Tonight changing to 18/6 using only organic fertilizer.

3 years ago

Dukeshaba That’s a whole lot for a baby

Dukeshaba And watch you don’t hit your roots driving stakes all over the dirt

Tonja What do you recommend since I have no clue what I’m doing

Day: 11

Feet I used mixed 1/2 ounce in gallon of water

3 years ago

Day: 2

Planting in organic soil with perlite and small amount of blood meal in 16oz solo cups

3 years ago