Northern Lights Auto (First Grow)


2 Northern Lights Autos in 5 gallon pots with 150W light in 3x3 tent.

Northern Lights

Day 14 (Week 2)


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Day: 14

2 weeks in the ground! Looking good to me. Might have overwatered a little bit on 10 and day 12 but i’m learning to be patient. Gonna throw some Critical+ 2.0 seeds in some pots soo.

4 hours ago

Day: 9

watered w about 100ml of ph6.5 water. can’t keep the temps down might have to buy an AC cuz i don’t want these things giving out. is 85F too hot in your guys’ opinion??

5 days ago


WaldoDaddy Way to hot, gonna stress them..

Day: 8

gonna skip watering for today, soils moist. #1 fell over because it was stretching to i packed some topsoil around it to make it sit up and increased the light intensity. #2 is catching up!!

7 days ago

Day: 7

growth looking good to me. do they look like they’re stretching for just a week old? also, keeping them moist w ph6.2 water.

7 days ago


MossyTops trying to find the right distance for my light, any help is appreciated

Day: 6

loving the growth of these 2. keeping them moist and hoping for the best. ph was a little high today at around 7. don’t have ph down or anything

8 days ago

Day: 5

#1 still going strong and #2 still tryna get caught up. watered another 30ml because the soil was dry. temps are steady around 83f, kinda worried but they look like they’ll make it with the cold weather coming up. any suggestions on what to do about the temps?

10 days ago

Day: 4

good growth on #1 and #2 seems to be bouncing back from having some trouble shedding the seed cover! watered each with 30ml of 6.7ph water and a little bit of purple kool aid.

11 days ago

Day: 3

good growth on #1 but #2 still has outer shell of seed on it. also, cut out the bottom of some vitamin water bottles and placed them over the plants like the last picture to promote humidity. to top it off, i gave a healthy dose of gerry mulligans night lights.

12 days ago

Day: 2

plant #1 sprouted but #2 looks iffy

13 days ago


MossyTops watered both plants with about 30ml each with ph 6.7 tap water


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Day: 0

the beginning

15 days ago


MossyTops Watered #1 with 13ml and #2 with 10ml ph 6.7 water.