Auto Lemon Kix: Day1 from seed

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Auto Lemon Kix

Day 11 (Week 2)

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Day: 11


3 years ago

Day: 10

2 leaves are coming. Light 30" 18/6 Water pH 6.5 Temp 32 Humid 70

3 years ago

Day: 7

She's getting better !! The stem is around 3 cm tall. Sand seems not too dry. Trying to remove her shell very carefully. Now see her first sign of growth 🧐. Will try to put her back under LED light with very soft power to activate the growth (better than toilet light i think)

3 years ago

Day: 6

On 6th day One seed cannot make it through. Light is too strong for them. Sand surface dried out and i watered more which make the roots sunk and hard to breath. Change all new sand, water + root stimulate a little around her stem. Temp 30 C Humidity 60 % Light Toilet led bulb Water 6.2 ph

3 years ago

Day: 5

Need to adjust some conditions due to extreme climate. Use plastic bag as a dome for capturing the moisture on soil surface. The seeds sprout 1.5 cm long and look a bit greener. The body of Seed A seems straighter than yesterday. Seed B nearly shred her hard shell. Light 32 cm / 18:6 hrs Water pH 5.8 Temp ~32 C Humid ~60

3 years ago

Day: 4

33 hours after putting to grow pots — They both sprout from the soil around 1 cm but temp is a bit too high (~34 C) Soil surface dry out after exposed to LED light for 8 hours. Light 30 cm / 24 hrs Temp 34 C Humid 70 Water pH 6.1

3 years ago

Day: 3

Another 14 hours passed, they grow about 2cm. Ready to move to their first pot (pete moss). 3/4 inches deep, root down. Unfortunately, one root penetrated through the cotton pad. Removing it cause the shell to fall off before moving to the pot. Lighting 24 hours (~30 cm / 40%) Temp 28-32 C Humidity ~70% Water pH ~5.8

3 years ago

Day: 2

Seed germination on cotton pad after 20 hours of soaking in bottled water. 24 hours passed, about 3mm taproot emerge from both seeds.

3 years ago

Day: 1

Soak 2 seeds in drinking water + B1 root stimulator (1:10)

3 years ago