Technically First Time Grower

Spring 2022

Ayye guys this is my first time growing bud. Learned a few things and wanted to give it a try. If anybody has advice or tips to help me along this journey as I document it I would appreciate it ode ‼️ let’s see what we can do 🍃💨

Lave Cake

Day 30 (Week 5)

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Day: 30

YERRR wassgood guys, my fault for the late updates I’ve been busy with work but the girls are looking great 🍃‼️

4 months ago


TRAGGICC Are you planning on transplanting into a bigger pot?

Day: 12


Update: It’s a slow day for the kids but they seem alright 🌱The soil is still damp from yesterday‘s watering so I might either water them tomorrow or Saturday. Also I’m debating if I should just stick to watering the plants for the whole grow since there’s nutrients in the soil or use this Succulent Plant Food (0.5-1-1) later on during the end of the vegetable stage and on to flowering. What do y’all think?🤔

5 months ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Unless you’re gonna top dress organic amendments throughout the grow you’re gonna need to feed them, the soil food won’t last. The ratios in the food you mentioned (0.5-1-1) are way too low to carry them all the way and is particularly low in N which they need most rite now. I’d suggest getting cannabis nutrients or tomato nutrients if you wanna save money rn but during flowering you’ll need higher PK nutrients 👍🏾👍🏾


Jayabadman Ayye thanks homie 🙏🏿🔥, I had a feeling I wouldn’t be enough lol

Day: 11

Update: My kids are about to become teenagers(vegetative) soon 🥲🤣🌱

5 months ago


G3NTs U put them in the same pot?


Jayabadman Yeah from what I heard and seen people have been saying it’s alright, plus I’m not gonna be growing a them super tall since I don’t have the space for it at the moment. But idk yet I’m might repot them the 2nd time for the sake of it🤷🏿‍♂️


G3NTs Maybe consider feeding them extra nutrients to even out the lack of dirt. Also i take it, that they are autoflowers? If so they are gonna flower a bit earlier then normally, due to stress. Non autoflowers I would definitely not put in the same pot.

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Day: 10

Update: The kids are alright so far 🌱

5 months ago


organic_grower They have a nice view! 👍


Jayabadman I’m spoiling them already 🙃🤣 Thanks homie ‼️🌇

Day: 9

Update: I didn’t get to take a picture yesterday but the roots was actually growing out of both cups, so I had to repot them and only had one thing to put them in 😂😭 though I seen a couple people say it’s alright to put two plants in the same pot, honestly don’t know for sure but we’ll see 🤷🏿‍♂️but so far so good 🌱💨

5 months ago

Day: 7

Update:  The soil is really damp so I’m going to water them tomorrow, still don’t know what that brown spot is on the left 😂🌱

5 months ago

Peng Probably a bit of the seed shell, it’s pretty common


Jayabadman Ayyye Thanks Peng, I was starting to worry for a bit lol 


G-Thang If the soil is still damp no need to water!!! Let it almost dry all the way out during seedling. Overwatering is what kills most seedlings in this stage. Don’t waterlog your soil growmie, the girls will thank you later!!!!

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Day: 6

Another update: Idk what’s that brown spot on the left plant but so far so good. Does anyone know what that is? 🌱

5 months ago


Secman Maybe the seed shell stuck?


lettuce97 100% seed stuck


Jayabadman Yeah that makes sense, it was stuck for a little while. Thanks guys, I was starting to worry for a little bit 🤣

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Day: 5

So far so good👌🏿🍃

5 months ago


Stin_Gee10 Enjoy the ride… I’m doing my first grow (been gardening for 7 years now) and I’ve enjoyed it way too much 😂


Jayabadman Thanks homie, hopefully it’ll turn out good 🙏🏿 and good luck on your grow, your flowers look amazing ‼️


Stin_Gee10 Appreciate it👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 I’m trying

Day: 4

First pic on Day 4

5 months ago