White Widow/1st grow

Spring 2021

One plant out of 5 seeds took. 33”x33”x60” tent. UFO600 led grow light

White Widow auto

Day 34 (Week 5)

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Day: 34

Just checking in on her

2 years ago

Day: 32

Was looking a little sad last night, but looking chipper this morning. Watering about twice a week.

2 years ago

Day: 27

Really starting to enjoy this hobby

2 years ago

Day: 26

Thinking I need to start lst

2 years ago

Day: 24

Just checking

2 years ago

Day: 22

Fresh water

2 years ago


ganjaman420 You’re overwatering

Day: 22

Moved lights to 20/4

2 years ago

Day: 20

Need to check the leaf discoloration

2 years ago


BoofMaster More water, your coco is way too dry

Day: 19

18/6 light schedule

2 years ago