Açaí Berry Gelato Grow


I’m growing for the first time and it seems to be going alright but I’m going to need some input so I decided to hop on an app. Will keep y’all updated. Germinated seed in paper towels and planted in the light warrior seed starter soil in a cup with some holes poked so I could sink it in water to moisten it up and it’s been doing well so far, Watering every couple days when it starts looking dry and feeling lighter. Any tips on how to move on?

Açaí Berry Gelato

Day 16 (Week 3)

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Day: 16

About day 16 I think (probably longer) since I started germination and this it how we’re looking. Watered this morning at about 10 am, will post another picture asking for tips when she gets a little bigger. Does she look alright so far?

3 years ago

Pete’s Pot

Pete’s Pot Maybe a little small for the age but looks healthy to me👌