Black Diamond og

Green house grow

Used mykos for transplant then watered with super thrive then later in the week watered with recharge

Black diamond OG

Day 106 (Week 16)

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Day: 106


ITS FINALLY DONE ! check it out

2 years ago

emd555 That’s pretty!! Loving the colors in it!! Congrats 🎉


MrStopPlayin Amazing 🤩

Day: 85


She has finally come to an end she has become so nice and purple!! Check out my indoor tent grow also and comment !!!thanks !

2 years ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Beautiful setup and pheno, love that purple tint. The foxtail/calyx look really sets off the color 👍🏾

Day: 60



2 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Is this a strange pheno or reveg? The 3 blade leafs look like reveg especially since they not really serrated. Huge crop you’ve got going 👍🏾

hydrosmkn No what happened is they had nutrient lock out during my last week of veg and were growing that way and it wAs the worst time since you shouldnt flower when there in a lock out stage ...once i flushed it got back to normal but those leaves stayed ..


Mystrain420-@eaegifts That’s very interesting, I’ve never come across that before. I look for tox and def at the same time for lockout but never 3 blade leaf. Looks amazing btw, that’s gonna be a huge yield 👍🏾

Day: 49


Heeeeeelp what do you see!!!

2 years ago


steezykayla I see buds forming


steezykayla Planted a bunch of autos? Either that or you’re right on track with September season and the sunlight hours dropping causing all your plants to start flowering.

hydrosmkn Nope still going though nutrient lock up i think .. check the one leaves on them there a lil stressed from mixing nutrients in wrong order there right on track for 3 weeks of flower

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Day: 27


Added a pest screen and zipper today for moths and other pests

2 years ago

Day: 25


Second trellis went up today going to clean up all the bottoms again next week all are still growing good just got spider mite problems any suggestions??? Anyone? I need to take care of this issue before flower

3 years ago

sweet Leaf

sweet Leaf Just read an article about them on growweedeasy.com. Pretty good site. Seems like you may have a little work ahead. Few different methods, organic, pesticides. Dyi home remedies. Check out their plant problem section.

Day: 22


There all coming along super healthy

3 years ago


organic_grower I love it!!!! Sweet set up!! 🤤🤤🤤


organic_grower Definitely following this grow!


steezykayla Straight up gangster grow 👍🏼

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Day: 15

First lollipop 🍭!!!! So delicious 🤤

3 years ago

Day: 14


3 years ago


Herban Damn that’s hot 🥵

Day: 13


There growing beautifully

3 years ago


46&2JustAheadOfMe What’s the significance of the fabric liner?.. just to keep things clean?.. help hold humidity?.. 🤔

hydrosmkn In my case the weed barrier is to help the dust because we get good gusts of wind and After walking through it several times a day the dust becomes very fine and with air movement the plants get super dirty and it also helps me not get muddy when its watering time


46&2JustAheadOfMe Ahh I see! Well way to get creative and solve your issues! Very cool. 👌

Day: 12

Just watered with nutrients and these girls are growing fast plus LST has started earlier in the week any recommendations? Im Going to water with silica next .

3 years ago

Day: 10

Added trellis net to start the train today🚂

3 years ago


growin4thepham So jealous of this set up. One day. Lol. How much area is this tent set up?? Gotta be 75 plants in there


Caliban Wow! That is a serious grow.


growin4thepham Right. Like u looking for a employee?? Lol

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Day: 8


Looking beautiful

3 years ago

Day: 8

What do you think ?

3 years ago