Bag seed


Just started sprouting, could use some insight.


Day 44 (Week 7)



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Day: 44


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Day: 42


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Day: 40



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Day: 38



6 days ago

Day: 36

Flopped to 12/12

8 days ago

Day: 34


10 days ago

Day: 32

Jungle of growth, untied it. I want the branches to work outwards more.

12 days ago

Day: 30

14 days ago

Day: 27

lol this is hideous

17 days ago

Dr GreenThumb🌲🧪

Dr GreenThumb🌲🧪 you should wait till day 30 to start LST

boofpac Noted, Appreciate the insight!

Day: 25


19 days ago

Day: 22

Explosive growth in the center the last 2 days. I’ve still been noticing leaves splitting and curling up almost feeling dry to the touch. Bought a hygrometer to watch the humidity. Not sure what’s going on but one step at a time. Maybe too much stress ?

22 days ago

Day: 20

LST and first topping. Going to let it group up again take off. Will do LST for awhile, Then no more stress. Slight defoliation, allowing more sunlight to the inner branches

24 days ago

Day: 18

Noticed a hole in the bottom leaf, don’t see any pests but I’ll keep an eye on it.

a month ago

Day: 16


a month ago

Day: 14

It’s going strong

a month ago

Day: 12


a month ago

Day: 11

A lot of growth, looks healthy!

a month ago

Day: 9

Good growth, drooping leaves. Light watering

a month ago

Day: 8

Looking healthy this morning.

a month ago

Day: 7

Still chugging along

a month ago

Day: 6

It was praying last night, checked on it this morning and it’s slightly drooping. On a 18/6 cycle

a month ago