Crystal Candy - SCROG Octopot

First Grow (F1 Fast Version)

Single Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version plant grown in an Octopot using Pro-Mix HP soil with added perlite. Using Advanced Nutrients Grow, Bloom, Micro, Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, Rhino Skin, Bud Candy, and Flawless Finish with RO water. Space is a 2’x2’ scrog in a roughly 33”x28” area. Playing classical and Indian classical music on a loop throughout the grow period.

Crystal Candy Fast Version (Sweet Seeds)

Day 75 (Week 11)

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Day: 75

12/04/2019. The flowering stretch has been pretty intense and the plant has grown quite a bit since the flip. I’m going to defoliate heavily one more time once the bud sites start forming a little more so I can tell what areas I need to focus on. Running Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom, Cal-Mag, Rhino Skin, and Bud Candy all at 2ml/L. Ph: 6.0 - 6.3 PPM: 850 Day Temp: 77 Night Temp: 66 Reservoir Temp: 67-72 degrees Humidity: 50%

3 years ago

rbuck Why defoliate more?

Dukeshaba Wow man Amazing

Dukeshaba How’s it looking

Day: 65


11/24/2019. Decided to flip to flower today. Defoliated a bit and added Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients to my mix. All nutrients are being ran at half the recommended strength (Micro, Grow, Bloom, Cal-Mag, Rhino Skin, and Bud Candy). There’s a switch on my grow light for bloom so I flipped that on. This cultivar is supposed to finish fast so I’m hoping to harvest in 6-7 weeks. Upped my PPM to 815. All other conditions are the same as my last update.

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Wow man she is so beautiful

Day: 59

11/18/2019. Defoliated a bit more getting ready for the flip to flower. Had a slight calcium deficiency starting that I think was caused by salt buildup/lockout so I drained a bit of water and refilled with only water that had been treated with cal/mag which brought PPM down to 745. I also foliar fed cal/mag for two days. I’m going to do a flush overnight to try and dissolve some of the salts out of the soil. Then I’ll refill with the water I removed. After giving the plant a few days to de stress I’m going to flip to flower. Temps: 68-78 degrees Reservoir temp: 71 degrees Ph: 6.3 PPM: 745 Humidity: 52-64%

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Dude I love watching your grow

Dukeshaba Will you put in a second net when she stretches from flower?

DaxIsDamned Thanks man, I appreciate it! I don’t think I will put in a second net. I’m just gonna let them stretch from here on out. This strain isn’t a very high yielder so I want to pack on some vertical growth so I can get the colas as long as possible.

Day: 54

11/13/2019. Swapped the reservoir out and upped the PPM. I was starting to get some spotting in some of the leaves that looked like a calcium deficiency so I added cal/mag at the recommended level (2ml per liter). I’ve been spreading out the canopy trying to keep the outside level while the middle catches up. I think I’m going to let it all grow vertical 4” or so and then switch to flower. Temp: 68-79 degrees Reservoir Temp: 71 degrees Humidity: 48-54% Reservoir Ph: 6.2 PPM: 813

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Awesome

DaxIsDamned Thanks man!

Day: 50


11/9/2019. Put in the screen and started tucking on 11/08. Pics are from the morning after. I’ve defoliated 3 times or so taking around 10 leaves each time that we’re blocking bud sites. The plant started showing pre-flowers a couple days ago. Now I’m just gonna keep spreading things out until the growth in the middle hits the screen and then I’ll flip to flower. I’m really pleased with how smooth everything has gone. I’m a big fan of the Octopot and will probably use them from here on out. Very low maintenance. Temp: 64-78 degrees Reservoir Temp: 70-72 degrees Reservoir PH: 5.8 PPM: 600 Humidity: 50-60% depending on light

3 years ago

Dukeshaba What light are you running?

DaxIsDamned It is a Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 400w.

Dukeshaba The growth on her is amazing. That pot set up and everything is awesome bro 👍🏻

Day: 43

11/2/2019. This is going to be a long veg lol. Putting on vertical height slowly but the canopy is really shaping up nicely. I defoliated a couple days ago and the plant responded really well and I saw a noticeable difference in growth. Its like a little bonsai. Would be great genetics for people who have limited vertical space. It still hasn’t reached where the bottom of the screen will be so I’m probably looking at at least 2 more weeks before I’m ready to flip. (The white substance at the bottom of the fabric sleeve is just salt buildup, not mold/mildew of any sort.) Temps: 68-79 degrees Reservoir temp: 71 degrees on average PH: Around 6.1 - 6.5 Humidity: 45-63 percent depending on light PPM: 578

3 years ago

Day: 37

10/27/2019. Mixed up a new batch of nutrients (Micro, Grow, Bloom, Rhino Skin, and a dash of Cal-Mag) with a PPM of 880. My reservoir was about half full from maximum level so rather than emptying it out, I just topped it off. PPM in reservoir was about 350 but after filling it brought it up to 530. I’m hoping the increased water level and slightly increased nutrient level will spur some growth. After staking branches down the plant perked up pretty quick and seems to be growing up a bit quicker. It’s still short but the canopy is nice and even so hopefully it spreads out nicely under a screen later. I’m going to top the hardier branches once I let them grow out one more node, then I’ll work on defoliating the stuff at the very bottom, as well as taking some fan leaves off to make room. Things are packed in pretty dense right now. 530ppm Temps: 68-79 Degrees Reservoir Temp: 72 Degrees RH: 55%

3 years ago

Dukeshaba She’s a bush man it’s nice 👍🏻

DaxIsDamned Thanks man!

Tres4_growsloud Nice 👍🏾 ,it’s also good to check the ph of your water👍🏾

Day: 35

10/25/2019. I trimmed off some fan leaves that were blocking light from bud sites and also trimmed some of the weak lower growth that wasn’t getting light. Cut some wire hangers to anchor branches down to spread the canopy out a bit. I plan on topping everything for the last time in a couple days after I give it some time to de-stress. Pics are before and after.

3 years ago

Day: 34


10/24/2019. Plant is staying short. I had moved the light back to 36” for awhile and it made no difference in letting the plant stretch. I think a lot of it is just genetics. So I went ahead and moved the light back to 24” and I’m just going to veg it out for longer. The canopy actually evened itself out pretty well on it’s own so I’m just gonna top again and let it keep going. Still about 3” from where the screen will be sitting so it’ll probably need about 2 more weeks of veg before I consider flipping. Root growth looks good. 334PPM. Reservoir temp is around 75 degrees. Humidity sits around 55% most of the time. Temps are 67-79 degrees.

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Huh man I don’t blame ya. If it’s not stretching I bet your right about the genetics being the cause

DaxIsDamned Yeah man I really thought moving the light back would help. Maybe I just had it way too close during the seedling phase and it just prevented the stretch later.

Day: 32

10/22/2019. Just a photo update. Growth has been rapid and everything is going well. Considering adding some CO2 to the mix and getting an exhale bag. If anybody has experience with that, comment here and let me know how it worked for you.

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Hey man it’s staying short because of how close the light is pull the light away to make them stretch

DaxIsDamned That’s what I was thinking too but everything I’ve read, including the grow light instructions, kept suggesting 24”-26” away. Maybe my space is just more light efficient than usual? I’ll move it back up to 36” and see if I can get any height.

Day: 31


10/21/2019. Growth seems to be speeding again and all conditions are seemingly ideal at the moment. PPM is around 450 (Octopot recommends 600-800ppm). Hopefully I’ll start getting some vertical growth soon, the leaves in the middle of the plant aren’t really getting a lot of light since the plant is so short and bushy. I’ll gradually increase the nutrient level this week to about 550-600 and then keep it at that until I see any signs of deficiency.

3 years ago

Day: 29

10/19/2019. PPM seems to be fine and the small signs of nutrient burn at the tips of a couple of the leaves hasn’t gotten any worse. The plant itself still seems to be staying kinda short even though leaf growth is steady. I moved the light closer to about 23” away. Temp range 70-77. Humidity 48-55%.

3 years ago

Day: 27

10/17/2019. I noticed very small brown spots starting to show up at the tips of the lowest leaves. I was already concerned that 700ppm would cause nutrient burn so I went ahead and diluted the water again just to be safe. Now it’s at around 480ppm. I plan on topping off the reservoir with the removed 700ppm water and gradually increasing the reservoir ppm to 600 or so. Everything else seems to be going fine.

3 years ago

Day: 26

10/16/2019. Changed the water in order to up the nutrients a bit. Went with micro, grow, and bloom at 75% strength, cal-mag at <50% strength, and silica at <50%. PPM ended up being around 1060 so I added some RO water to bring it down to 700ppm. Ph at 6.5 or less (varies a bit with the Octopot). I think this is probably a bit nutrient heavy so I may end up changing again in a day or two if I see any signs of over feeding. Growth around the inside of the plant has really picked up after topping.

3 years ago

Day: 24

10/14/2019. Went ahead and topped today. Before and after pics.

3 years ago

Day: 22


10/11/2019. Now that the roots have hit the water reservoir they are growing like crazy. Everything seems to be going smoothly.

3 years ago

Day: 21

10/10/2019. Plant is about 3” tall. Had an issue yesterday with the leaves folding in like tacos. I believe it was caused by my oscillating fan refusing to oscillate which meant it was blowing directly at the plant all day. I pointed the fan away and they seem to be going back to normal now. I changed the water again yesterday and switched to Advanced Nutrient’s recommended feeding level for small plants with 3 to 4 sets of leaves but kept the Rhino Skin at about 1/4 strength. PPM of 650 and PH between 6.0 and 6.5. Also just noticed that the roots have reached the reservoir. 3” of plant and 24” of root.

3 years ago

Day: 18

10/08/2019. I moved the light up about 10” to get some stretch. The plant was growing lots of leaves but it had barely grown in height. After moving the light up yesterday I saw about 1/2 inch in vertical growth which is 25% of what the total height already was. Nutrients are still micro, grow, bloom, and rhino skin at half strength. I’ll be topping at the next node.

3 years ago

Day: 16

10/6/2019. First full size fan leaves popped up. It’s still staying short right now at 2” tall. I changed out the Octopot reservoir and added Micro, Grow, and Bloom nutrients in addition to Rhino Skin. All at half the recommended strength. Keeping the water level at the first mark on the Octopot’s level indicator. Was having some issues with possible mildew around the bottom of the octopot (could just be salt/nutrient build up). Cleared with peroxide and added a fan to circulate air around the bottom of the octopot to be safe.

3 years ago

Day: 14


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Day: 12

10/2/2019 photo update. Got the humidity sorted out to 55% and things are going well. There has been relatively no change in height (1.75”) despite all the new leaf growth. PPM is around 220 in the Octopot reservoir. So far using the Octopot has been great.

3 years ago

Day: 11


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Day: 7

9/27/2019. One week after placing the seed in a jiffy starter. I replaced the straight RO water in the Octopot reservoir with Advanced Nutrients Grow, Bloom, and Micro at about 1/4 strength. Ph at 6.5. In a week I’ll feed at 1/2 strength and add Rhino Skin to the mix. I’m bending and pinching the stem aggressively multiple times a day. Ive got my light at about 18” away which is over 6” closer than recommended. Humidity is sitting in the low 40s so I’ll pick up a humidifier soon.

4 years ago

Day: 5

5 days in.

4 years ago

Day: 2

Started in a jiffy puck 2 days ago. Just planted it into the Octopot and gave a very light watering around the seedling itself. Octopot recommends watering over the top only once, which I had done 4 days ago when I lost my first seedling from heat after the AC went out. Hoping the 4 days since won’t make much of a difference and the plant will get the moisture it needs from the reservoir below without a full top watering. Side Note: The clear plastic top of the little jiffy cube starter package fits nicely over the top of the Octopot’s grow sleeve. Keeps humidity around 67%.

4 years ago