White Widow

December 2022

3 plants of unremembered origin

White Widow

Day 55 (Week 8)


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Day: 55

Starting to grow like I remember. Fuck miracle grow.

a day ago


organic_grower Miracle grow is 💩

Day: 43

Seeds are fucked gonna drop the little one in the trash soon. Other too are looking a lot better.

13 days ago

TuanU420 She is hungry You check the ph and feed her


ZaddyXL What soil mix are you using? I think they’re hungry

ButtStuff They just got transplanted into fox farms soil they’ve only been in it for a couple days. They started in miracle grow that’s why they look like shit.

Day: 39

The biggest girl is looking better already. Added some legend og. Kinna fucked up they prolly gonna die. Got those gucci solo cups tho.

17 days ago


ZaddyXL Hey brother, I’m growing a ww auto and was having a look at yours. Your growth looks very light green and the lower leaves are damaged, did something happen?

ButtStuff The culprits are I haven’t gotten my watering schedule down yet, started without ph equipment, bad pots, and miracle grow soil. My biggest problem was the miracle grow fucking up my watering schedule cuz it holds onto water like a bitch. Not enough perlite and too much wood chips and shit.


ZaddyXL Got it, definitely ph your water and I say this because I learned this yesterday, you have to calibrate the ph meter. It should come with a solution to do it just YouTube it. My water has probably been off since I never calibrated mine

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Day: 36

Started 2 legend of seeds to check to see if phing from the begging makes a big difference

20 days ago


phriedphoenix I’d stake up your plants and look into ph/water cycles

ButtStuff Their stems are decently firm and I’m waiting until the pots are dry to water.


ig:@eaegifts Not to be a jerk but your setup is bad, you should start over in plastic solo cups with 4 holes around the bottom or fabric pots (avoid clear and clay). Also ppl keep them elevated so they dry from the bottom as well as the top. Research proper watering and runoff

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Day: 29

Lost one probably tossing the other soon. Still haven’t covered the soil 🤷‍♂️

a month ago


Caliban Maybe soil too wet?

ButtStuff I just got a ph kit in and it’s cuz my tap water is at 8.5

Day: 22

Losing one of the Charlottes

a month ago


Zylinuis Boof it


slowteek Don’t know much but when roots are exposed to light; is not good?

ButtStuff I’ll fix that root exposure you are right

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Day: 14

Not much growth

a month ago

Day: 10

Frikin gnats

a month ago

Day: 8

Still a shorty on the left

2 months ago

Day: 7

Two white widows and two Charlottesweb

2 months ago

Day: 4

One plant is gone the other is trying to come up and one looks good.

2 months ago

Day: 3

Only one has popped so far

2 months ago

Day: 1

Babies planted

2 months ago