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5 gallon fabric pot Soils: Dr earth home grown organic vegetable garden potting soil X Kellogg raised bed & potting mix organic plus X Sunleaves Peruvian seabird guano X Miracle grow Perlite 8qt Nutrients: Elite Garden Lineup Base Nutrient A Base Nutrient B Root Tonic C Resin D Root Igniter Tent: Apollo Horticulture 20”x36”x63” Light: HLG 100Watt v2 Quantum Board 4000k Light schedule/hours: ON: 24 OFF:

🦍Gorilla Glue- Autoflower/Hybrid

Day 90 (Week 13)

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Day: 90



3 years ago

1Graceland Nice! Great colors. So you harvested 90 days from seed? When did you start flushing?

Buddy57 Looking good nice colours mate

Buddy57 How much did u get out of 1 plant?

Day: 17


Removed a 7 blade fan leaf so light would reach lower branches.

4 years ago

Day: 16


2/23/19 Day 16 Ended up fucking up my dates on the calendar keeping track of growth, I’m off by a day. Maybe I shouldn’t smoke while taking notes, fuck it.. LST DAY!!! Stem is bulking up Branches are popping out Did some bending Started 2nd week of feed schedule with ELITE nutrients

4 years ago

Day: 12


4 years ago

Day: 10


A day after first feeding and she’s looking good 4th node beginning to appear Stem/stalk starting to thicken up and gain color First true leaves beginning to turn down and burn on the ends, could be due to the nutrients (not just in the water but in the soil as well) or the heat in the grow room recently, I’m still working on the air and venting so it gets warmer than I’d like. But everything else seems to be fine if it gets worse I’ll start to worry but she’s diggin the setup so far. Showing more signs of indica dominance with the larger fan leaves and shorter/thicker growth.

4 years ago

Day: 9

Started nutrients today ELITE garden lineup A-C + root igniter Ph was slightly high at 7.0 but used it anyway.

4 years ago

Addiesgro Any nutes yet?

Day: 8


2/16/19 Day 9 2 3/4” tall 3rd set of “true” leaves emerging Transplanted to 5 gallon fabric pot last night 2/15/19 Tap root had traveled down the side of solo cup, depth was roughly half of the cup at end of day 7 After transplant watered with spray bottle (with bottled water) to settle the dirt. Next water will be scheduled to start nutrients. **Note: it is usually not a good idea to transplant autoflowers, but due to space/time/and various other things I was not able to start seed in final container. With that being said I have started every auto I’ve ever grown in a solo cup and later transplanted without any issues whatsoever. ***just do it before the tap root hits the bottom of the container***

4 years ago

Lildjango Cool!!! I use jiffy pots and transplant right when the seedling emerges...props on the in depth journal!

Day: 6

2nd true leaves starting to stretch

4 years ago

Day: 5


24hour light cycle 2nd water today 2nd set of true leaves coming through Leaves are pointing up toward light.

4 years ago

Lildjango Nice! Are you giving straight ro water?

Hashtag Ro water? U talkin bout Reverse osmosis?? Just been given bottle water so far. Will continue to use bottled water with the right ph as it grows. Different brands have different ph. Also the ELITE nutrients helps bring the ph where it needs to be but she hasn’t been fed any nutes yet. Shes gonna blow up soon tho...

Day: 3

Total leaf separation Fan leaves stretching Continued vertical growth Stem and leaves gaining color

4 years ago

Day: 2

2/9/19 Day 2 Seed shell discarded Leaf separation Vertical growth

4 years ago