White widow organic

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Day 1 seeds popped out of soil.

White widow

Day 19 (Week 3)

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Day: 19

Feeding her my special mix of urb and seaweed extract

3 years ago

Day: 18

Feeding my special mix everyday. Going to top and transplant her soon

3 years ago

Day: 16

Feeding her everyday

3 years ago

Day: 13

She has grown her 3rd true leaves. Raised the light a couple inches and she is loving it. Foiler feeding twice a day with 2 mgs of liquid seaweed in 32 oz of RO water.

3 years ago

Day: 11

She’s growing tall and strong. Kinda leggy stems but when I transplant I will bury some of the stem. 3rd set of leaves growing in. Have to water almost every day.

3 years ago

Day: 9

Plant is growing 3rd set of leaves. Both looking healthy and strong

3 years ago

Day: 3

Plant is 3 inches tall. Growing it’s first leaves

3 years ago

Day: 0

Seed popped out of soil. Feeding urb with seaweed extract

3 years ago

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