Lemon Meringue

Fall 2018

3x3 Grow tent w/intake vent on top +small space heater covered in thermal insulation. Inside are 4 Unknown plants. T5 10,000 lumens Grow light w/external inline 440cfm + ducting/Carbon filter. Customized external heater box w/booster fan + thermostat. 2 humidifiers w/humidity controller. Heating pad. 2 internal fans. Customized automatic Water pump system.

Unknown Species

Day 140 (Week 20)

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Day: 140

Beginning of Week 5 today Feed with Kool bloom and cal mag and molasses. I felt like it’s got to much nitrogen so I back off the flora A and B

5 years ago

Day: 136

Finally found out that this was a lemon meringue strain the whole time Looking so frosty already

5 years ago

Day: 128

Week 3 of flower 2nd day Took about 5 days to dry out Feeding today A,B,CalMag,KoolBloom

5 years ago

Day: 122

Week 2 3rd day Watered today Trimmed some small buds

5 years ago

Day: 116

All plants back on same watering schedule now watered @ 2pm 1/28/19

5 years ago

Day: 115

Flowers are starting to blossom

5 years ago

Day: 111

Topped today Everything looking good

5 years ago

CloudCultivation During the day and night

Day: 109

Dehumidifier in keeping humidity in the 40% range. Going to be feeding a slight change next feeding w/ more phosphorus and potassium

5 years ago

CloudCultivation 4th day of flower

Kballum Looking good👌

Day: 105

Start of flower 12/12 cycle initiated

5 years ago

Day: 102

Trellis net installed ready for flower

5 years ago

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Day: 99

Lollipops and watered plants each one gallon of 2.5mlA 1.25mlB

5 years ago

CloudCultivation Getting ready for flower

Day: 96

Size increase Monitoring very closely on all plants

5 years ago

Day: 95

More low stress training incorporated

5 years ago

CloudCultivation Plants perked up within hours

Day: 93

Left 2 plants ready for water I’ll water them in the morning after the lights first cut on Showing signs of bottom leaf drooping Right plant was watered with 2.5a 1.25b 250ppm yesterday showing signs of nutrient recover since I flushed her a week ago. She began to show nutrient deficiencies due to over flushing. She’s recovering now finally. This grow is a trial run for myself to test the difference in grow techniques. I’ll be converting to organics in the near future.

5 years ago

Day: 91


More low stress training to increase budding sights X7-8 budding sights on this plant potentially

5 years ago

Day: 90

Flushed both healthy plants to the left Gotta keep ppm in 400s Everything looking good

5 years ago

Day: 89

I’m gaining confidence in this grow Plants are finally starting to grown more exponentially Flushed the big plant because ppm was way too high. Showing a lot of burn stress The remaining plants need to be flushed as well

5 years ago

Day: 85

Watered plants 2.5/1.25 1/2 gallon for the biggest one Split 3/4 gallon between the smaller 2

5 years ago

Day: 84

Removed small plant put it in my nursery Switched lights to leds for full color spectrum

5 years ago

Day: 79

The right 2 plants are doing well and the left 2 plants are showing signs of nutrient burn

5 years ago

Day: 77

Watered plants added kelp and perlite Ph6.8 Bottom left plant seems to be burning from the nutrients need to be flushed

5 years ago

Day: 76

Thinking about pulling the bottom left plant. Showing signs of weakness Top left plant started to grow more

5 years ago

Day: 73

Watered plants today Ph6.8 Conditions:Good Changed to fabric pot recently as well for better airflow. Those plastic pots are terrible

5 years ago

Day: 70

Flush done today ph 6.19 Started some tie downs for low stress training

6 years ago

Day: 59

Conditions: Good/Top fan on. Humidity condensation at bottom (Upgraded pipe needed Plants are transplanted and are growing more since I topped them last. I topped them again 2 days ago. Plants look like they are consuming too much nitrogen. Plants will need water tomorrow most likely

6 years ago

Day: 52

WEEK 3 FEEDING (Seedling) Conditions:Good The plants are ready for transplant

6 years ago

Day: 50

3RD DAY AFTER FLUSH Conditions: Good Plants are starting to increase their growth at the top 2 new growths on all plants

6 years ago

Day: 49

2nd DAY AFTER FLUSH CONDITIONS: Good I topped all the plants and did some low stress training on all the nods by bending and twisting to create a dropping effect. So the plant will extend outwards more like a bush. I will be transplanting these bad girls to a 1-3 gallon before their next feeding

6 years ago

Day: 48

6TH DAY AFTER FEEDING #3 Conditions: Pretty good The plants are about ready for a watering. No feeding. It rained today so i realized that the humidity levels got higher than I would like them to be like 64% but I unplugged the hot humidifier and let the cold humidifier control the tent conditions alone. !Update! First flush has been completed with straight water to prevent over fertilizing Ph:6.8 Conditions: Good

6 years ago

Day: 47

5TH DAY AFTER FEEDING #3 Conditions: Good The plants look like they’re ready for another topping. Souls is looking pretty dry. I’m gonna do every 4th day I’ll water maybe even the 5th day

6 years ago

Day: 46

4TH DAY AFTER FEEDING #3 (Seedling) Conditions: Better The plants are on day 4 no water and after I installed and the humidity controller the conditions are now consistent. The plants began to correct themselves from the stress (heatstress,overwatering,humiditystress) hopefully tomorrow I can water w/no nutrients.

6 years ago

Day: 45

3RD DAY AFTER FEEDING #3 (Seedling) Conditions: Good The heat in the tent might be too high and also the plants are too close in the watering cycle (too much water). The 2 front plants are showing early signs of overwater/heat stress. Add in one more day of no water. Today I will not water/feed any of the plants. I adjusted the thermostat to 78°. Adding humidity thermostat set to 55%

6 years ago

Day: 44

2ND DAY AFTER FEEDING #3 Conditions:Good Plants are growing a lot more Transplant coming soon

6 years ago

Day: 43

WEEK 1 FEEDING (Seedling) #3🚿 Feeding: 2.5A/2.5B half the recommended dose(Flora Duo) Ph:6-6.8 Conditions:Good Plants soil was pretty dry today being the 3rd day after 2nd feeding Decided to feed Plants should be ready for transplant after first flush is done. Roots are getting tons of growth

6 years ago

Day: 42

2ND DAY AFTER FEEDING #2 Conditions: Good Plants soil is beginning to dry out near the end of the second day which means the roots are starting to outgrow their pot. You can actually see the roots establishing through the side of the cup. Installed 8ft led strip on T5 light fixture for supplemental lighting. Also noticing discoloring in one T5 bulb. Back ups needed

6 years ago

Day: 41

WEEK 1 FEEDING (Seedling) #2🚿 Flora Duo:2.5A/2.5Bml Ph:6.4 Conditions: Good Plants soil was dry and also seem to like the nutrients. Their growth is reflecting. No burning or dropping since their first feeding on day 39 Plants grew more in width after I topped the plants on day 40. Plants are definitely ready for more water/food

6 years ago

Day: 40

2ND DAY AFTER FEEDING #1 Conditions:Good Plants have new growth and look healthy. Decided to top off all the plants

6 years ago

Day: 39

Week 1 FEEDING (Seedling) #1🚿 Flora Duo:2.5A/2.5Bml Ph:6.4 Conditions: Good Plants began to grow substantially 2-3 hours later

6 years ago

Day: 38

4th DAY SINCE LAST WATERING All plants are now growing up into the newly adjust light height. Humidity and temperatures were sustainable between 70-80 + 45-60% throughout the night due to the thermal sheeting.

6 years ago

Day: 37

3RD DAY AFTER WATERING Plants are holding good condition and can go for some water in a day or so

6 years ago

Day: 36

DAY 2 AFTER WATERING Adjusted light fixture to about 1ft 8inch from the canopy and switched on 2nd blue light. Humidity got way too high over night around 93%. 13% TOO MUCH. Ordered humidity controller. Temperature fluctuated around 68-73. Too low, added some thermal blankets to the outside of the tent and a small space heater for the intake vent

6 years ago