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Came from a random bag


Day 22 (Week 4)


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Day: 22

not sure if this is an autoflower or photo

7 hours ago

Day: 21

added pebbles to try to stop da fungus gnats

a day ago

Day: 20


2 days ago

Day: 19

lookin solid

3 days ago

Day: 18


4 days ago

Day: 17

getting bigger. fungus gnats doe

5 days ago

crazybuds89 How do you take care of them?


lulshneeks depends what they need. usually just light schedule, water, food

crazybuds89 What about dealing with the gnats? Thanks for replying by the way. I have my first time grow ever growing. Waiting for them to sprout.

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Day: 16

may have overwatered

6 days ago

Day: 14

explosion of growth

8 days ago

Day: 13

turned her pot

9 days ago

Day: 12

turned her pot

10 days ago

loudpak23 When do you plan on watering her


lulshneeks watered her right after i took the pic

Day: 11

lots of lean

11 days ago

trinigene Turn it are you using natural light? Looks like it’s growing toward the sub


lulshneeks i’m using an led light. it’s pretty much directly underneath

trinigene I’d still try to turn it. Can you show a picture of which light you use? I need one

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Day: 10

still lil

12 days ago

Day: 9

more growth

13 days ago

Day: 7


15 days ago

Day: 5

still seedling

17 days ago

Day: 4

more mature than tracy

18 days ago

Day: 3


19 days ago

Day: 2

growing fast

20 days ago

Day: 1

Still in seedling stage

22 days ago