Air force One flowrering

March 15, 2020

5 gallon pots

Broad leaf

Day 51 (Week 8)

12 updates

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Day: 51

Jacks 321 at 50 percent strength. Nearing the finish line

3 years ago

Day: 42

Candid fruit smell. The lower buds seem heavy than the top buds. Removed some leafs with spots. Did a hurculean flush. The leaves aren’t curling down too much now.

3 years ago

Day: 34

Speckled dots on the old leaves. Starting watering full strength jacks. Grapy smell coming from the Terps

3 years ago

Day: 32

Flora flex awesome. 1 gallon of full strength jacks 3.6, 2.4, 1.1

3 years ago

Day: 29

4/13/20: water today 3/4 gallon with 1/2 jacks at 1.2 ec and 1/2 water. Slf and hydroguard.

3 years ago

Day: 26

4/10/20 water half strength with jacks only-6 cups after 48 hours

3 years ago

Day: 21

Only 3 plants left. Super happy after the defoliation. A couple leaves crawling down.. Af 1 has 1000 par in the middle

3 years ago

Day: 16

Looking good and healthy after defoliation

3 years ago

Day: 14

Major defoliation

3 years ago

Day: 4

Light green with deficiency showing on bottom and edges. I’m thinking she needs a stronger feeding. Let’s see if she green up.

3 years ago

Day: 2

Looking really good. Af 1 light in color and Af2 squat and dark green. Defoliate cherry west #4

3 years ago

Day: 0


Flowering day

3 years ago