Mango smile

January 2022

Two girls in my 3x3 tent..shared with two other girls who well be finishing up before them

Mango smile auto (mephisto genetics)

Day 107 (Week 16)

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Day: 107

Dried and starting cure..smell is amazing! Very satisfied with the end product ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ 92 grams in total

2 years ago


CBoX669 Looks fire bro๐Ÿ”ฅGood weight too ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป


organic_grower Good day to have a bowl of bud!! Happy 420

Day: 100

Cut and hung to start the drying process today..let sit in darkness for 2 1/2 days with ice on the first day

2 years ago


Gaharvest Congrats. Looks awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป


bigsammy Congratulations


HammertimeAZ Looks yummy

Day: 88

Girl got flushed yesterday with 10 gallons of phโ€™d water..starting to fade out..very sticky and smelly

2 years ago

Day: 70

Girl got fed today and looks to be doing well..super frosty and dank smelling

2 years ago

Day: 67

Girl is packing a lil bit but super frosty..moved the light down a little closer to see how she will handle far good itโ€™s been a full 24 hrs

2 years ago

Day: 63

This girl is looking good..plucked a few leaves today

2 years ago


MarimamaJuanita Looking good

Day: 62

Girl is starting to stretch and gaining more sugar on the leaves

2 years ago

Day: 60

This girl is getting frosty and stretching

2 years ago

Day: 58

Girl is starting to stretch now..coming along fine

2 years ago

Day: 57

Fed girl today and plucked a few leaves that were blocking sites..she is coming along nicely

2 years ago

T_BlicXy how much you think you gonna get off her

Day: 52

Girl appears to be doing nice..starting to stretch out!

2 years ago

Day: 50

Girl rebounded nicely and not starting her stretch..looks very healthy

2 years ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Very nice, lots of bud sites ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Day: 48

Got fed, retied down, and leaf pulled today

2 years ago

Day: 45

This girl is starting to have bud sites everywhere

2 years ago

Day: 43

Girl is coming along nicely..branches are starting to stretch

2 years ago

Day: 42

Girl got fed today and tied a few branches down

2 years ago

Day: 41

Defoliated, fed, and re-tied down

2 years ago

Day: 38

Girl got stretched out a little today..she is growing nicely

2 years ago

Day: 37

Girl looks healthy and bud sites are everywhere

2 years ago

Day: 35

Moved girl up a little closer today

2 years ago

Day: 34

Girl got fed and lstโ€™d a lil more today..doing fine

2 years ago

Day: 31

This girl is stretching and Iโ€™m training her around the pot..she is coming along nice

2 years ago

Day: 30

Moved stakes up on her again..she is starting to grow fast now

2 years ago

Day: 29

Had to get rid of the runt today..she was flowering and showing balls..the remaining girl is doing well though..I moved the stakes down a little further up the branches and training them in all directions

2 years ago

Day: 27

Girls got fed today..#1 looks strong and growing pretty good..#2 I donโ€™t know whatโ€™s going on with her but she is showing pistils everywhere but not growing buds

2 years ago

Day: 24

Started training these girls..#1 got all branches pinned down in every direction and #2 only got the main cola pinned..#2 has some sort of mutation..she is smaller but has pistils everywhere

2 years ago

Day: 23

These girls are really starting to shoot is a lit bit further along than the other

2 years ago

Day: 21

Girl got fed a gallon of food girl looks healthy as can be and the runt is showing pistils already ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

2 years ago

Day: 18

Progressing well..really perked up after feeding yesterday

2 years ago

Day: 17

Got another feeding today..1/2 gallon appears to be healthy

2 years ago

Day: 16

Got some growth today..looking healthy

2 years ago

Day: 15

Girls got fed 4 1/2 cups girl appears to be good and the other may be dealing with something

2 years ago

Day: 12

Looks good

2 years ago

Day: 11

Girls appear to be doing good

2 years ago

Day: 10

Girls got their first feeding today..2 1/2 cups of food today..starting to show signs of getting bigger

2 years ago

Day: 9

These girls appear to be a lil bigger today

2 years ago

Day: 8

Girls are getting bigger almost ready for their first feeding!

2 years ago

Day: 7

The girls are getting bigger and look healthy

2 years ago

Day: 6

Girls appear to be doing well and look stronger by the first they were stretching but I think that are getting accustomed to the environment now

2 years ago

Day: 3

Girls appear to be doing good..moved them up a few inches to the light to test their tolerance

2 years ago

Day: 1

Girls are above ground after starting in 2x2 tent..they are very stretchy so moved them to get more light

2 years ago

Day: 1

Very stretchy..put them in the big tent and had to tie a stick to one because she was slightly hunched over

2 years ago