Summer 2023

1 ice cream cake in gal pot going to be moving to 5gallon later on

Ice cream cake hybrid

Day 25 (Week 4)


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Day: 25

Making progress

a year ago

Day: 19


I’m pretty sure this is because of me over watering but I thought I would jsut make sure

a year ago

ashton420/7 Other then that she’s growing at a very good rate I haven’t been able to give her nuts because I over watered it’s been about 4-5 days since the last water waiting till Friday then I am going to transplant into a 7 gallon pot with nice dry soil

Day: 17


Lookin better

a year ago

Day: 14

Why does it look like something is taking a bite out of my leaf’s but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of pests, the temperature in the room is 22-24 in the day and 21-19 at night , I’ve just seemed to get it back to health after over watering but now there’s these what looks to be bite marks ? I can’t seem to find anything on the internet for what this could be becasue like I said there’s no pests as far as I can see

a year ago

fozzybear99 Do you have a cat?

ashton420/7 No I have dogs but they don’t go anywhere near my grow room

fozzybear99 Looks like an animal did it imo

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Day: 7


Very concerned as to this girl has not cleared up it and I’m stumped on to what it could be

a year ago

yurstrulyking Looks like you might have a magnesium deficiency or phosphorus deficiency

Day: 4

Is this light burn or a nutrient problem ps. I haven’t fed it nuts yet so

a year ago


saviibaby Since the issue seems to be between veins, it would indicate a nutrient deficiency. Is that showing up on new growth or old growth?

ashton420/7 It’s new growth

ashton420/7 It’s towards the top of the plant closer to the light I raised the light a little bit seemed to stay how it is and not get any worse

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Day: 4


Here are some more pictures of the plant it’s almost on all the leafs except for the brand new growth which is the top 2 leafs other them that all the other leafs have brown

a year ago

ashton420/7 I did do some research and I seen that this can also be a sign of over watering ?


adders Have you started feeding ?

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Day: 3

Liking very healthy in organic soil just giving plain water until week 2 -3

a year ago