Summer 2020

Using Gia Green nutrients, 300w led and compost tea! These are seeds I had laying around so not to sure what the exact strain is


Day 121 (Week 18)

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Day: 121

Growing rapidly and showing a lot of new bud sites.

4 years ago

Day: 109

Starting to flower

4 years ago

Day: 95

Outdoor FTW these baby bounced back when I moved them into 30g pots

4 years ago

Day: 65

Left these guys unattended for a few days and I definitely paid the price. Lots of burnt leaves.

4 years ago

Day: 55

Lots of new growth, looking good. Slight defoliation and LST

4 years ago

Day: 52

Took off lst

4 years ago

Day: 47

Transplanted into a 5 gallon pot. Watered with water ph to 6.8 Topped the 2 leading growths

4 years ago

Day: 46

Sprayed water with seaweed extract

4 years ago

Day: 44

All is good, topped the 2 leading stems.

4 years ago

Day: 43

Growing nice with a lot of side branching. Lightly sprayed PH water with seaweed extract.

4 years ago

Day: 42

Took the other 2 plants out because I discovered a bad case of fungus nat, due to overwatering. This girl is still strong so I am going to keep it.

4 years ago

Day: 40

Starting to come across defects on all 3 plants but more noticeable on the 2. Only watered the the first guy who looks healthy and leaving the other 2 until next week to see improvement in growth. The defect is from over watering. I realized this because I found mould on the top soil.

4 years ago

Day: 39

1/3 looking really good, but found some deficiency’s and will start treatment.

4 years ago

Day: 34

Re did stress training and letting the tops grow

4 years ago

Day: 33

Continued with LTS and topped the plant on the right. Fed them Compost tea -3ml seaweed extract -1/2 table spoon Molasses -2.5ml enzyme enhancer Per 1L of water

4 years ago

Day: 32

Lightly sprayed seaweed extract and RO water PH to 6.8.

4 years ago

Day: 31

LST on the top left plant, LST and topping on the bottom left, and leaving the plant on the right alone until further growth

4 years ago

DANK420024 Top dressed with giagreen 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 water ph 6.8

Day: 25

Nice growth and going to begin LTS in 7 days!

4 years ago

Day: 16


4 years ago