Round 4

Summer 2020

Blueberry seed from a friends batch that we wanted to try to grow and because LPC in round 3 was male we just planted a another random. Currently growing in 3x3x6 tent with 1200w LED(now I know it says 1200 but it’s probably around 450 tbh).

Blueberry and another random seed

Day 165 (Week 24)

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Day: 165


The girls are officially dry 🤪. Prepped and got them ready to cure. The tester jay already has me lifted. Just to think this shit can get even better I’m fucking excited.

2 years ago

cranky13 Nice!!!!

Day: 159

Took you guys advice and just decided to cut them down. I’m just disappointed with the one in the middle. She was supposed to be our biggest girl . It’s ok tho trial and error besides I’m satisfied with what we have 😬. These girls stank too and they’re so damn sticky icky!

2 years ago

Day: 150


Sorry for the late updates. Had a lot going on but yooo idk wtf happened to our plants but they are all turning yellow and leaves are dying left and right. Someone told us it’s a nitrogen deficiency and others said it’s because we’re approaching harvest. I feel like they aren’t ready at all and still need a few more weeks. Also the ph runoff was between 6.2-6.8 😕 so I don’t understand what’s happening. Any advice????

2 years ago


jordancf72 Those leaves are being consumed by the buds, meaning harvest is quickly approaching. I’d do a trim and let them go for another week or so maybe less then put em in the dark

weedinmyweave 😩thanks for responding I was really worried! So no flush?

stunt407 I would say do a flush with epsom salt and let dry. Then go back to your normal feeding/watering

Day: 135


The last few weeks they just been getting water but numbah 4 and 5 are yellowing and we haven’t given them food in awhile so we gave them all of them 10ml of bloom and 5ml of cal mag to 3,4, and 5 because they weren’t looking to good 😟

2 years ago

Day: 130


Closeup update 😬

2 years ago

Day: 124


Had some nute burn but these girls are bouncing back. Also removed the scrog net it was getting difficult feeding them with it on 🤷🏾‍♀️ we’ll see what happens

2 years ago

Day: 113

The girls are stretching Ike crazy! We switched the light to full spectrum. Watering every 3-4 days and everything other week we are giving them 10ml of Bloom

2 years ago

Day: 110

We had to move one of them to another tent because it was a male but it’s ok we still have 5 going strong 💪🏾

2 years ago

Day: 96

12/12 we lost one and I haven’t been posting pictures in a while but this is the current update on round 4

2 years ago

Day: 14


2 years ago