The Real Deal Seed To Smoke

Season 2

3 Holy Punch, 3 Skunk #1, 3 Purple Bud, 1 sensi skunk seed in a 4x4 tent with 600 hps/mh light

Holy punch, Skunk#1, Purple Bud, Sensi Skunk

Day 66 (Week 10)

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Day: 66

Week 3 of flower Plant tall tall and yellow was going to die stuck it outside it came back to life put it inside for flower and it stem stretched like crazy and lack of nitrogen

5 years ago

Day: 52

07/09/19 Plants are on day 5 of flower and just got their 2nd heavy feeding for the week

5 years ago

Day: 39


Transplanted today and topped them after stacking noids 1/2 apart and up to 4 stages with the bottom three gone

5 years ago

Day: 25

Just got 2nd feeding from week 1 chart Droopy cause they are hungry and got sprayed on top

5 years ago

Day: 22

Just feed for the second time and this time full nutrients fox farm feeding chart ph water to 6.2 also took feed and out in spray bottle and moist the top of plants that’s why they look droopy and I done that so therefore hopefully it will get that sulfur and calcium deficiency out and get them back normal Tight nodes love it!

5 years ago

Day: 15

On there second feeding I’m a Thursday and Sunday feeding person just works better for me so here they are. Not sure why these spots are showing up can someone please help

5 years ago

Day: 5

Remove hematoma lid and have two that are no on same track and put baggie over to keep humidity high this is how you would go about germinating if no hematoma is available

5 years ago

Day: 4

Filtered water into spray bottle and just moist the soil to keep it wet during seedling also added a piece of paper over one of the skunk#1 she was taking off way faster than the others

5 years ago

Day: 2

After 24 hours of water they were put into napkin damp with same water seeds were floating in and now transferring seeds to 16 oz styrafoam cup with light warriors seed starter soil pre moistened with 4 holes number 2 size pencil hole above line as shown below and into hematoma MAKE SURE TAP ROOT IS FACE DOWN!!!

5 years ago

Day: 0


The seeds enter the cup with a splash of peroxide to kill any bacteria

5 years ago