Fifth grow

Auto flowers

Placed seeds in water and darkness

Juicy fruit Rutnz , Pineapple Express

Day 81 (Week 12)


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Day: 81

Girls tricomes are clear. Still using PH 6.3 water. No nutrits

a year ago

ashton420/7 What week of flower are you ?

joebruhn Week 9. Had issues with to many nutrients. Bud are firm and smell great

Day: 73

Flushing with PH 6.3 water due to nutrient lockout. Girls are getting better.

a year ago


Godsproblem Nice nugs growmie 💪🏽

joebruhn Thanks. Thought they were goners but two weeks of water only seems to have them looking better.

Day: 49


Girls are in flower. Watering PH 6.3. Added 2ml of big bloom and tiger bloom. LST on buds to optimize lighting for growth

a year ago

Day: 42

Week 6 (germination) starting flowers. Watering one gallon per plant PH 6.3.

a year ago

Day: 36

Watering once a week. Water ph 6.2. Starting LST

a year ago

Day: 28


Good growth over last week. Watering at ph 6.1 and added 2ml of molasses and 2ml of Big Grow

a year ago

Day: 14

Water 6.5ph. One gallon. We r on our way

a year ago


srzzz i dont think that "device" works, the only thing it can read is moisture, but you can lift the pot to know when it dry

weedlax I have that same one and the ph indicator works for me

joebruhn Thanks for ur reply. I use only for moisture. I measure PH with my meter. I agree. U can definitely tell when they need water by picking up the bag. They become very little

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Day: 9

Germination of juicy fruit in soil. Pineapple Express germinated in root plug and put in soil. Watering 6.5 ph .5 gallon

a year ago

Day: 2

Juicy fruit seedling germination and placed in root plug. Pineapple Express is still waiting to sprout

a year ago