End of Summer 2020

Germination 8/28/20 Planted in soil 9/7/20 Sprouted 9/10/20 Currently on a light cycle of 18/6

Jer Fuel Argent.

Day 21 (Week 3)

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Day: 21

9/28/20. Seedling is growing at a fast pace, but also is stretching...don’t know if I should be worried. But it is also growing so good and healthy, it looks amazing, it has already lost both of its cotyledon leaves & have grown 6 new sets of true leaves. Seedlings leg is stringy, but that’s a quick fix with a little research. It’s all a learning process. Babies are 18 days old.

4 years ago

Day: 19

9/26/20. These two beauties have both lost their cotyledon leaves, and are still growing.They’re growing at a slower rate, may be due to lack of inside light, my lamp broke recently, waiting on new lights to come in. Also started them on miracle gro plant food & cal mag. Legs are pretty skinny on both seedlings, but I’m working on fixing that. This is a first time thing for me so this is a learning process. 16 days old. 18/6💡🌱

4 years ago

Day: 14

9/21/20. My oldest seedlings🌱 are 11 days old today🥳 as you see, their new true leaves are coming in, and I’m so excited to see what they will be looking like in the next few days 18/6💡

4 years ago

Day: 12

9/19/20. serrated leaves are so small you can’t see them but they’ve formed & we shall see what these babies are looking like over the next few days, 9 days old 18/6💡🌱

4 years ago

Day: 8

9/18/20. They’ve started to form their new set of leaves, and they are growing so healthy!! 🌱 18/6💡

4 years ago

Day: 7

9/17/20. They’re preparing to grow their new set of serrated leaves☺️🌱 18/6💡

4 years ago

Day: 6

9/16/20. These beauties are stretching and getting ready to grow another set of true leaves. 18/6💡

4 years ago

Day: 5

Due to a busy day 9/14/20 so I wasn’t able to capture a picture, but here you guys go here’s a 9/15/20 picture🌱 these two guys are ready to start growing their second set of leaves😌 they’ve officially separated from their cotyledon leaves🌱 💡 18/6

4 years ago

Day: 4

9/13/20. These two are so long & stringy & the stalk isn’t sturdy enough to hold them up. Did a little research and it was a quick fix. 18/6💡

4 years ago

Day: 3

9/12/20 this is what they started to look like after 2 days 🌱

4 years ago

Day: 2

9/11/20 This is what I woke up too, even taller than the day before. Still looking stringy and yellow🌱 but problem fixed😌

4 years ago

Day: 1

9/10/20 Both seedlings were planted 9/7/20, & both started sprouting the 9/10/20, unfortunately I didn’t take a picture with both of them together, but I have been taking pictures daily from here on out. These little seedlings were giving me a scare in the beginning because they were stretching so fast I’m talking within hours but I realized they were trying to get to light so I fixed the problem as soon as I realized. In these next few updates pictures you’ll see how they flourished. Light cycle 18/6💡

4 years ago