Rockin’ 4Evah 2Gether

Bruce Banner #2

3rd Grow

5 Gallon Pot - Organic Grow in Natures Living Soil + Coast of Maine Stoningtons Blend + Fox Farm Strawberry Fields + Perlite + Coco Coir + Worm Castings from Mushroom Hill Worm Ranch

Bruce Banner #7 Auto (Sweet Seeds)

Day 57 (Week 9)



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Day: 57


She’s getting her bud on.

22 days ago

Day: 47


She’s coming along.

a month ago

Day: 38


She’s in flower!

a month ago

Day: 29

It’s a girl! Top dressed with lobster meal and water.

2 months ago

Day: 22


2 months ago


RobSilver Good evening my fellow grower, I’m following your grow right here out of curiosity. I have tried two Banners two different ways this past winter and they both hermied. It coulda been me they didn’t like or the genetics where I got ‘em’ which was from Excited to see your turn out my friend

Rockin’ 4Evah 2Gether This is my 2nd. The other is in flower. They both have funky leaves, but hoping they both work out!


RobSilver I’m rootin for ya! I have 3 more Banner seeds I’m saving to try again in spring

Day: 10

Looking better!

2 months ago

Day: 4

She looks like she will have the same gimpy leaf as her sister.

3 months ago

shawncody420 Cute baby

Rockin’ 4Evah 2Gether I love the babies!

shawncody420 Ya same here I just started mine

Day: 3

Popping up!

3 months ago

Day: 1

Planted in 5 gallon pot

3 months ago