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Banana kush

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Manana kish

Day 99 (Week 15)



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Day: 99


Looks shitty.

6 months ago

drdave1 Plants looking good

letzbebudz Really? Pretty new still. Just seems to not be fattening up and leaves all dying off. Didn’t figure it was the regular fading but maybe is. Thanks for the complement though! Lol

drdave1 Hey dude it’s looking good anytime you pone to bud you should be grateful

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Day: 86

Fucked up and burnt her as predicted. Needed water after being gone a couple days too. She’ll hopefully bounce back.

7 months ago

Day: 76

Started showing nitrogen deficiency, increased feed. This is typically where my grows go to shit lol

7 months ago


enigmaseed208 Don’t jinx it, don’t let it go to sh@t lol

Day: 70

Growing nicely.

7 months ago


W33dmadFX waste of space?

letzbebudz By only having 1 in there you mean? Just harvested the other in there and have a couple in my other tent that still need higher humidity that’ll be moved soon. Thanks for your insightful input.


W33dmadFX ah, i see :-)

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Day: 62

Healthy looking gal.

7 months ago

Day: 59


7 months ago

Day: 57

Started flowering, seemingly healthy.

8 months ago

Day: 46

Preflower late

8 months ago