Unknown SativaDOM Mixed Clones

April 1, 2020

4/1/2020 I got 9 clones ranging from 7-12 inches in height. They look to be about 30 or so days old. All they got today was 1cup of homemade CalMag and 1QT of water each.

Unknown Mixed Strains

Day 123 (Week 18)

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Day: 123

8/2/2020 Perform soil test to see what’s going on with soil because the bus look like they have had a stop in growth. Results are in the picture below. Will fix these deficiencies with the next couple of days to a week

4 years ago

Day: 114

7/24/2020 As of today the only plans that are left or number two, number four, number five, and number nine,. One of the other nine was a mail them was removed from the room for pollinating the rest and was up rooted after a week once I realize I didn’t want to Polin because I’m not happy with this strain. Mini seeds it already been pollinated or cross pollinate it so I further pollinated it with the pollen from the bushy in the cut dominant male in an attempt to get seats that will grow a plant that is as tall as it is bushy. Number is 45 and nine correction number nine was a rut barely grew over 2 1/2 feet. The other two were severely cut down by Mac which was a mistake number five has not responded well but not responded terribly to the nutrient. Number four and five did not get bushy but four is doing better than five in terms of growth and nutrient resiliency. Number nine however is very bushy to be a rut and is growing buds appears to be doing just fine needs to be trimmed. Notes about the strain I do not like. It’s root system was not the greatest I had every nutrient and even mycorrhiza in the dirt but even mycorrhiza didn’t really help it much and the roots remained well the plant was easily tipped over out of space and required to be propped up even in the final days of bloom. Another thing I don’t like is it takes too much effort to get the plant to Busch out for a decent looking harvest pit. Also the plant grows tall I only like tall bushy plants plants that are tall and bushy without plant manipulation being required to get them that way the splint is not that way therefore that is why it is a perfect candidate for cross pollinating with a and Indica

4 years ago

Day: 103


06/09/2020 Plants 2,3 & 6 has been topped and lollipopped. Fan leaves cut off several times. Still getting 3cups per gallon of water Green Elixur. All 3 plants have been flipped into bloom 12/12 light schedule. 24 clones were cut prior to bloom. PREDICTED HARVEST DATE: September 9, 2020 Plants 1,4-5,7-9 are still in veg attempting to get them more bushy. Will flip these into bloom after 09/09/2020. I will not grow this strain again. It’s a tall sativa dominate strain that will require heavy plant manipulation in order to increase its expected normal low yield. I prefer naturally bushy indica dominate strains.

4 years ago

Day: 84


5/22/2020 These plants are huge and responding to my homemade liquid nutrient excellent! They get 3cups of Green Elixir to 1 gal of water about every 2-3 days. The best plants have roots growing though the bottom Of the bucket which is a very good sign of good root growth and the others are far behind. I measured all Of them today.

4 years ago

Day: 69


5/7/2020 These plants are Growing incredibly fast! At 69 days four of them are already 3 feet that will be plants 12 and three and six. Number three is actually 3 1/2 feet so it’s actually almost 4 feet. Four is 2 feet number five is above 2 feet by a few inches maybe two or three. 67 and that are all well over 2 feet probably getting close to 3 feet honestly. Plans have been getting 2 cups of green elixir and we go in the water. Each plant is now up to about a gallon of water every two days. Three days is too much they begin to wilt and close up after three days in the water. And the soil is usually pretty dry cold to the touch but pretty dry. I’m going to have to start typing them at about 5 1/2 maybe 6 feet hopefully I can get it up to that much in my head to top of it 5 feet to keep them from growing past the lights.

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Day: 62

4/30/2020 Our plants are up to half a gallon of my green elixir nutrient. The tallest one is 2 1/2 feet tall shortest one is about a foot and a half. Whatever the strain is it’s gonna be a very tall strain it’s not gonna be a white and bushy strain like the last unknown strain. But everything is looking fantastic.

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Day: 52


4/20/2020 Measurements day. All 9 are up to 2gal of Green Elixir split between the 9. Growth still seems to be moving fast. Everything is green no issues at all.

4 years ago

Day: 47


04/15/2020 Everything is great! Still getting water and potassium. They’ve double in mass!

4 years ago

Day: 41


4/9/2020 (date of pics and measurements) So 11days after I got my wispy thin clones this is what they look. They have atleast double in size, mass-wise growing in my personal soil mix. Only giving them 1/2 water with 1 scoop of potassium and 1/2cup homemade CalMag split between all 9 plants. This is there current height as of 4/9/2020 they have since grown a few inches . I’ll record that data on another day but it looks like atleast 2 inches of growth as of 4/12/2020

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Day: 30


4/1/2020 4/1/2020 I got 9 clones ranging from 7-12 inches in height. They look to be about 30 or so days old. All they got today was 1cup of homemade CalMag and 1QT of water each.

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