Twenty20 Muchacha Auto

Spring 2023

I liked my last grow from Twenty20 so much I’m doing another

Muchacha (Glue Sniffer)

Day 111 (Week 16)


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Day: 111

Definitely looking better than when I harvested. Very happy with how she’s turning out

3 months ago

Day: 100

Harvested 5/31. I didn’t realize this was an F6 so didn’t quite get the results I would have liked as far as density and appearance. We’ll see what she is like when she finishes curing.

3 months ago


ig:@eaegifts If it’s an F6 shouldn’t it be stable? Was it perhaps not bred for yield?


ig:@eaegifts Lol my apologies if you meant f6 as in week 6 of flower


QueenCityGrow You understood correctly. I’ve never grown an F6 before, only F1/F2. The buds weren’t as dense and she produced just shy of 3oz, so not terrible yield but the buds are very soft. I thought maybe the genetics were just a bit too far out. Hoping the cure will help prove me wrong though

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Day: 82

Getting close

4 months ago

Day: 56

Added some CO2 to the tent and the girls seem to be enjoying it

5 months ago

Day: 40

Started using Lotus nutrients this grow and she really seems to like them!

6 months ago

Day: 31

Started using lotus nutes for the first time

6 months ago

Day: 26

I love how quickly autos grow in the beginning

6 months ago

drdave1 I love how photos grow when you flip the light to 12-12


QueenCityGrow Yes! That two foot stretch will make you giddy every time 🙌🏼

Day: 18

Small but mighty

6 months ago