Christmas seedlings

4 strains

New seedlings doing well really glad about the chemdawg got 2 seeds from last grow and both popped.

2 super skunk, 2 gold leaf, 2 chem dawg, 1 egypt siani

Day 62 (Week 9)

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Day: 62


Today is 2/26 and the plants are now 13 inches tall and healthy had a little calmag issue got that fixed. Leaves are very nice green. Waiting for flower tent to open 2 more weeks.

3 years ago

Longmountain The first 2 are the super skunk in 5 gal pots the gold leaf is still in 1 gal

Longmountain Misted with compost tea today water is fine no water till this weekend

Longmountain Ok currently today is 2/26 we have 2 gold leaf, 2 Super skunk, 1 Chemdawg in the Christmas seedlings grow. Today plants are 61 days old. I have sprayed the tops of leaves with compost tea will be moving to 5 gal containers next week or 2

Day: 48

2/11 seedlings are doing great. Currently have 2 skunk 2 gold 2 chemdawg 1 black cherry 1 sfv trimming done on super skunk, gold leaf, 1 chemdawg. Watered today with compost tea.

3 years ago

Day: 43

Little lazy on updates, so I have just been watering with mycorrhizae molasses ro water ph to 6,8 plants are doing well. Now have 2 chemdawg 2 gold leaf 2 super skunk 1 black cherry soda 1 seven

3 years ago

Day: 37

Here is a better view of my 2 super skunk and 2 gold leaf. I have trimmed the lower plant. These plants are doing very well and look forward to getting to our next level. Will keep in cloned area until I have room in tents. May add another tent in barn. It is just really cold out there.

3 years ago

Day: 35

Ok going to water today with ro water ph to 6.5 with 1tsp. MykosWP 1/2 tbs molasses 1oz liquid seaweed and 1tsp organic cal mag. Plants are doing very well going to start last training real soon.

3 years ago

Day: 32

Today I watered with 2cups ea. 1gal. RO water ph to 6.6 1tsp roots organic cal mag 1 tsp mykos 1/2 tbs molasses. The plants are doing very well I have added super lemon haze and another chemdawg

3 years ago

Day: 28

Seedlings are doing very well sense I added the to 1 gal pots and put them under my 1000 watt led lights. Today is the 23rd of January and I added bio fish at a rate of 1tbs to 1 gal of soil called for 2 but I have added 444 fertilizer to soil to start with this is an enhancement if it goes well on the 23rd will apply at full rate. Watered in with RO water ph is 6.5 1 tsp roots cal-mag and 1/2 tbs of molasses. I am super excited for this new bunch will give me several good strains.

3 years ago

Day: 26

Ok now we can get going! 8 seedlings planted in 1 gal containers great white added to root ball and planting watered with ro water ph is 6..8 1/2 oz molasses and 1/2 oz seaweed. 2cups per gal container. Will check water tomorrow morning. What’s added is sfv og kush, black cherry soda and what was already listed.

3 years ago

Day: 16

The babies are doing ok I may have over feed them at first and the ph in the spray bottle went way down so I fixed that and added just a touch of mycorrhizae and filled the bottle back up with RO water ph is 6.8 and just light water with this mix twice now and they are doing lots better. Need to be more careful about checking ph

3 years ago

Day: 6

Seedlings are doing good all are getting first set of leaf’s about 1 inch tall watered with spray bottle of molasses and liquid seaweed.

3 years ago

Day: 4

1 of the chemdawg are still in the shell but popped will watch it

3 years ago