First auto and first soil grow 3x3 (keeping indoors-changed mind)

Summer 2021

2 gorilla glue, 1 Bruce banner, 3 girl scout cookies extreme

Autoflowers: gorilla glue, Bruce banner, Girl Scout cookies extreme

Day 52 (Week 8)

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Day: 52

Just another update. The girls have def swelled up. I did flush them Friday because of the nute burns I was getting. Fed today, fingers crossed, and hoping we cruise these last few weeks with no problems.

a year ago


bigsammy She’s a beauty

DracoBEBO They ain’t no big sistas like you’re growing, but thanks. Comparing them to other growers, they look about right. Can’t wait for these next 2 weeks, they should get fat. Hard not to peak in on them multiple times a day. I have yet to be able to not look for 2 days. Lol, when your habit, becomes a legal hobby, addictions are formed… haha


Patson Looking good 🤙

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Day: 48

Whew, just got home from vacation. Stopped in a few days ago and was happy with the progress. Well, the buds have def grew a lot more. Of coarse pics don’t do it justice, but they are progressing well. The back right was the girl that took the shock the worse, so never fully recovered, but is now doing it’s thing with its buds. The “runt” will make up for it. She is finally properly budding, and her sisters were not like her when they started. Crossing fingers for even better turn out. Note: if you are exp with autos, do you defoliate the faded leaves or let them do their thing, till obviously done. I defoliated the other day, the yellow/weak leaves to open bud sites. 2 plants need again, but I don’t want to remove too much. And I don’t want to add nitrogen (in bud, and I think that’s what shocked/burned them the first time) are they far enough in bud I can slowly remove more? They don’t look shocked from the work I did on Tuesday. Thanks

a year ago


Zeyberlin Awesome hope you vacation was great🏝

DracoBEBO Can’t complain. Spent the week in a beach house with the family, and the weather was perfect. I am following a feed schedule for these ladies, and 5 are getting affected with the nutes, so flushed today when I got home. Will see how they do. Their smell this week compared to last week is unreal. Unzipped the tent and my house smells amazing. Even the wifey had to come in and check out.


Zeyberlin Lol hopefully she was happy about it 😁

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Day: 45


Came back in town to check on the girls. Defoliated each plant of the faded leaves, and any leaves blocking sites, that couldn’t be tucked. Few random pics of the buds that are growing. The runt is by far the biggest, and now making its own buds. She’ll be the one to produce weight, I’m hoping.

a year ago


treborlexx Looks badass!

DracoBEBO Thanks. Have no idea what to expect from these girls (autos in general). Ilgm says 6-8 weeks. About to finish week seven, and I don’t see them being done within the next 1-2. Maybe 3-5?


Zeyberlin Really good 👍🏽

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Day: 41


Coming to the end of the 6th week. These auto seeds from ilgm said 6-8 weeks. All the advice was correct, going to take longer than that. After minor light burn and minor nute burn, they continue to do their things. The 5 that were growing normal, looks like they stopped their veg stretch, so hopefully the buds will start climbing. As for the “runt”, she is no doubt, bigger than her sisters now. She is starting her preflower now, and more than 3 weeks after the others. Because of nute burn, this week has been water only. Starting to see more leaf fade, so I will be applying a low dose of nutes this weekend. I go on vacation for a week, and will have my friend “watch” them for me. I will be coming home 2 times through out the week, so they should be perfectly fine (fingers crossed.)

a year ago


JG705 Good luck 🤞 I hate leaving my girls for more than a night or two !

DracoBEBO Thanks. Just got home. Doing a defoliate and feeding, then got to head back out. Coming back Friday, fingers crossed.

Day: 37

Moving along. #3 is the one that got stunted the most by heat, recovered but still not 100%. 1&4 killing it. #6 is the “runt” and is no longer that. She is so far delayed compared to her sisters, she just started to prefower. Expecting her to continue to gain and likely pass the others in the end. Time will tell

a year ago


BlazedPapi420 Is lst the only training you done?

DracoBEBO Yes. Well, that and leaf tucking. I do very minimal defoiling during veg/preflower/earlyflower. These are autos, so I don’t want to crop or anything else to stunt. When I grow photos I favor mainline or scrog.


Zeyberlin Agreed Autoflowers tend to be finicky with everything lol

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Day: 34

Well.. def had a major fuck up this week. Just glad I caught it. First time with leds and autoflowers, so there was a price of info I didn’t run into through all my research it it but me hard. My strongest plant now looks like my weakest, and she ain’t recovering well. Fri last week I thought some new leaves looked funny, but I just gave them their first major feeding, and thought that was the issue. So I have a par meter and have been increasing power slowly every few days. Well not realizing you go with a lower strength level on autos, I had 600 umols for almost a weekS. Drastically cut town to 350 to let heal. 😔 I’ll take that learning exp to the chin, and let’s kee trucking. Good news though, my runt is showing it isn’t a runt, it just took longer to kick off, but just is just showing pistils show she will be delayed, but she looks like she’ll grow good now (as long as I don’t screw things up again). Mistakes suck but we learn, but damn I was being so precise with these, and this…. Can’t believe I didn’t see any articles or videos with lower light strengths for autos… KICK IN THE DICK!

a year ago

Peng Why is this? I grow in the sun and pranging about shade cloth now!

Day: 30

Finally now looking like a weed “bush”. Lst coming along great. The “runt” is still growing and catching up. Noticed her and the Bruce banner haven’t preflowerEd yet, so I’m hoping the “runt” will be delayed a week or 2 to catch up. Either way, glad I didn’t toss her.

a year ago

Day: 27


Skeet skeet. Getting extra excited. So much has changed this week, the pictures show it. The plants are healthy, and even the “runt” is doing her thing. I’ve been on top of the LST and it’s starting to show. They are opening up, and lots of light flow. The Bruce banner is a squatty tight wad of a bush. Few things to note: next run, less perlite. Soil has sunk low, and I even added 2 inches in the beginning of the run. Good thing fabric can be manipulated. Some small burn spots from backsplash from feeding. Wiped most off, obviously missed some.

a year ago

Day: 23

Finally looking green in here. Even the runt is staying in it. For those that can afford it… GET A TRUE PAR METER. I’ll bet the majority of growers do not have their led lights at the right height/power. Lux meters and especially your phone lux/par, aren’t even close. Was going to water today, but past 2 were increased amounts, so I’ll double check tonight. I had a few small gnats, but it looks like the pads, and a few squishes stopped that. My toilet comes in this week.

a year ago


ogeast They’re ALL looking very happy! 👍🏽👍🏽

Day: 21

The ladies got a lil upgrade tonight. Had spider farmer 1000, and have been waiting to get par meter in. Well, I was under feeding my plants of light, and I knew that cause they were stretching some. I kept increasing power and it slowed em; but I was afraid to burn. Well, I was at 250umol/sec, and now I’m 350. I will increase in small increments each day for a week, with a goal of 550 ish for veg. NOTE: added microbe brew, kelp, and fish shit for the first time. Pumped to see the growth the next 2 weeks

a year ago


Herban Nice upgrade gromie! Best of luck

Day: 18

Started training 4 of the 6. The Bruce banner is short, ready to train but going to wait one or 2 more days. Now for the question for the pros, look at my runt. He was planted the same time, came up later then the others and had a stunted growth, yet still growing. His second set of 3 leaves came out weird: center of the 3 is short. Any ideas? All one the same way, and 2 others that are healthy, are the same thing.

a year ago


steezykayla Some plants just happen to be runts. This is where professionals may or may not deem it worthy of growing with the rest. Completely up to you whether you chop it down or let it keep doing it’s thing, but I’d say with only 6 plants enjoy the journey and see where it goes. I’ve seen runts blossom into beautiful trees

DracoBEBO Yeah. All my reading that’s what I’m seeing. I’m def keeping it, because 4 are going outside in a few weeks, just for experiment; guess she’ll be the first, lol. Haven’t grown in 10 years, and this is first with soil and also with autos. Growing for personal, so 6 is a bit much, but figured I’d have problems starting. One of my favorite parts about this process is the experiments and different outcomes with different plants. Hope she turns out to be one of those runts that has a crazy thick/strong bud turn out.

420CottenCandy Hey man thank you for commenting on my post on here I am going the cheap way due to my husband And I going throw hardships with money so we had to improvise .... the potting soil is cheap And so is the feed but I forgot to let people know on here that there is a 4 inch gap at the bottom of the closet door so it can push hot air out ... being on the east coast I know winter is not that far away so I thought closet growing would be conducive

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Day: 17

Moving along nicely. My stunted girl is staying in the race. Though she is not as big, she ain’t a quitter. Will be starting my lst tonight for a the majority, and the others at the end of the week.

a year ago

DracoBEBO 3x3 ac infinity Plants are in 5 gal bags Light is Mars hydro fc-e3000

DracoBEBO HAha yeah. They ain’t bad priced compared to tents like Gorilla. The light and fan/filter are where the $ went. I had to explain to the wifey, “look, the initial investment is a up there, but within a year the money saved will make up for it.” She used to not partake, good thing that changed about a year ago. Now she’s pro-grow. Can’t beat that with a stick!

DracoBEBO For what they cost, vparspectra is great. Pretty much same thing as Vivosun. People buy and use them cause they work. I picked up 2 Vivosuns from my boy for dirt cheap and love em. One 2x4 and one 4x5 He used for 2 years, but decided to upgrade bigger to the gorillas. Have the 2x4 set right now, prepared for the drying of current. Like typical tent, only minor light leak at stitches where poles touch . I put reflective ducting tape there, to block and reinforce. Will use it for a breed tent in future. The 4x5 will be going up once I finish this grow. Going to go all photos for that tent. Also, any word from admin? This site is currently out of control. Looks to be worse now.

Day: 15

So far so good. The lil “runt” is staying in it. Don’t know why it was stunted on the start, but it is now growing at a consistent pace, just a little behind the others. They continue to respond to the every other day watering very well, and no signs of any other issues, as of yet. Hopefully I’ll be starting their LST by the end of this grow week.

a year ago

Day: 13

Coming along nicely. Even as babies, they love water. Perk up high after each watering. They were seeded in a solo cup size of happy frog, sitting in a 5 gal pot of a mixture of ocean forest, perlite, happy frog, Dolomites lime. Ph water 6.2-6.5 every time, watering every other day. Slowly increasing amount. Note:one plant started way slower, and is dwarfed, but still growing. No signs of burn, and the stem was darker than the rest; still a purple, but now lighter. For now, I’ll let her grow and see if she catches up or what.

a year ago

Day: 10

The real day 10. Just dl’d the app so had to put current.

a year ago

Day: 7

Started 6. 2 will stay in tent with bigger light, and 4 will go outside at week 4. This will be my first outside experience, I have a greenhouse for bad days. I’ve waited a long time for this to become legalized.

a year ago

d33716 I’m guessing you’re from NY as well?

DracoBEBO No not there, but won’t say location. Just glad more and more legalizing, and looking like it’s going to be federally legal before too long.


Zeyberlin 😞I had no clue man

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