Hubbabubba Haze outdoors

Summer 2021

5 gallon fabric pots

Mephisto Hubbabubba Haze

Day 74 (Week 11)

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Day: 74

HELP: Is this green growth normal on the buds? They’re about 7 days from chopping

3 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Yup 100% nanners

mumfordzero So the plant went from female to male?


Mystrain420-@eaegifts The nanners and basically male parts and they will pollinate the bud

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Day: 69


HELP: How much longer do you think until it is time to chop it. When should I start flushing? Mephisto says that it takes 85 days to be ready but outdoors may take longer.

3 years ago


Caliban Looking good. Get a 30x loupe and look for cloudy trichomes. That is good. A little amber is more mature and ready. Clear not so ready. Check every few days.

Day: 68


About 2-3 weeks from being done

3 years ago

Day: 65

About 4 weeks into flowering. Had a nitrogen deficiency problem during preflowering, but I think I fixed it already.

3 years ago