Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto- Barney’s

12/01/22- seed plant 12/05/22- seed pop

Perlite/happy frog/natures living soil mix, 24:0, fabric pot, spider farmer sf2000, 2x4x6 tent

Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto

Day 25 (Week 4)


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Day: 25

All bud sites seem to be separating enough to catch up with the main stem

a year ago

Day: 24

Did some lst yesterday

a year ago

Day: 21

Showing signs of sex [fem]

a year ago

Day: 20

Really gotta start lst soon

a year ago

Day: 19

Doing well got 7s on here too

a year ago

Day: 17

Beautiful green

2 years ago

Day: 15

Her 4th node coming in

2 years ago

Day: 12

5 fingered ladiessss coming in

2 years ago

Day: 11


2 years ago

Day: 10

Showing some growth, a bit taller than my LSD baby

2 years ago

Day: 9

Not as much growth as LSD sister, but some. Put sticky traps in to prevent any fungus gnats

2 years ago

Day: 7

No water just moist towel for rh

2 years ago


HeritageSecretGarden Looking good 👍

Day: 6

She’s sprouting her 2nd node(: switching to 18/6 tonight

2 years ago

Day: 5

She has the second set of leaves in just barely

2 years ago

Day: 4

Kinda leggy, showing signs of next leaf set

2 years ago